try-again-road-sign-25ed1btry try again“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” That is an old saying that I am sure almost everyone has heard at least once in their lives. When a person falls down, even as a toddler we all knew that we had to pick ourselves back up and try again. Anyone with children knows that once a child starts walking that they bang into just abut everything, but they don’t give up; they simply try again. Currently, I know two people who have been unemployed since November of last year. Both are well educated with college degrees. One finally landed a job today. The other individual continues to try again and apply at any decent jobs that come along. Often in the workplace, people continue to try again to make sure they get things right and move up the corporate ladder.  Even if there isn’t a corporate ladder so to speak, individuals try again to get promoted to supervisor or manager.  Often couples in the hopes of holding their relationship, marriage or partnership together and try again.  Sometimes it works, other times, they figure it it is time to give up and move on.  We all try again no matter what we do, but sometimes it’s just not easy.  There are individuals who seem to have a black cloud that follows them around.  If two people are applying for a position, the one with the black cloud, even if the best qualified, will not be hired.  It seems almost ridiculous, but yet, I have seen it happen. When disaster strikes from a tornado, earthquake, flood or fire, people rebuild and trya again to return to their normal lives.  That takes real courage. There are many movies and TV shows where the story lines center around a person not giving up and trying again.  Unless they put a different twist on them, the plots seem the same.  A person fails, but they try again and suddenly succeed.  Many of us over the years have pursued a goal, and it either failed or didn’t quite work out.  Rather than call it the end, we stepped up and tried again, and possibly again until we succeeded.  Unless a person starts out in life with a large inheritance, anyone who became wealthy as an entrepreneur did it with failures along the way.  They continued until they achieved success which was their ultimate goal.  There are stories in the Good Gus Series that give children  a sense of the value of and importance of trying again.  If you feel your finances are getting the best of you, try again with the Money Manager at