calm after stormcalm watergoldieThe old saying, “The calm before the storm” can mean a variety of things. It’s not just about weather. When a hurricane approaches you know it and then half way through the cycle, it becomes completely calm. That is when you know there is more rough weather ahead. The same is true with a tornado. The temperature will suddenly drop and then you hear it. It sounds like a massive train is approaching, and suddenly it hits. The damage often is devastating. In life calm might be considered a way of life. There is so much daily stress that remaining clam is very difficult. What is worse is that the stress is on a daily basis for many people. Whether you commute by bus, train, or car, the timing has to be almost exact otherwise you are late. It is not easy to predict because the weather could affect all three, an accident could occur or even heavy traffic which can delay all modes of transportation. There are individuals in the United States that commute by plane.  Even a private aircraft can be affected by weather and too much traffic on the runway.  Being calm through all the stress is never easy.  Many people use meditation, yoga, and strenuous exercise to relieve stress and hope to remain calm.  The treadmill works for me.  Just as in the “First Wives Club” move, Goldie Hawn found the treadmill soothing and that is when her best ideas came to her.  There are a number of stories  for the Good Gus Series, that came to me on the treadmill at the gym.  When a crisis occurs in a family, panic is never the answer.  Wrong choices and decisions are made.  In order to work through the problem, cool heads need to prevail and everyone should remain calm.  It is much easier to panic, fear the consequences, or just stress out.  If a person is diagnosed with a terminal illness, rather than go through all that, it is better to be calm and start research on how to help the person possibly recover or live out their days in as much comfort and happiness as possible.  A friend of mine, whose brother passed a few years ago, decided the best approach as there was no hope for his illness, was to turn his garage into a man cave.  His wife lived in constant fear of the day he would be gone and didn’t exactly agree with the concept.  However, his friends stopped by and visited him more frequently.  My friend set up a bar and stocked it well.  She also put in a supply of cigars.  She did what it took to make the man cave a place where his friends could visit and relax with him.  In other words, as stressful as his illness was, he remained calm and reasonably happy and enjoyed his last days.  In the Good Gus Series, there are a few stories where the citizens of Pecos panic.  However, Sheriff Gus seizes the moments and makes sure everyone is calm before the weather events and a swarm of locusts arrived. If you cannot remain clam as the Successor Trustee or Executor of an estate or will,   visit and read “Misplaced Trust.”  Not only will it calm you, but it will give you pointers on how to deal with your situation.