cruel dogcruelty freefamily values People and individuals can be cruel to each other but also to animals.  At least once a week there is an article on the internet about cruelty primarily to dogs.  Occasionally, other animals endure the same fate.  One of the books in the Good Gus Series, book twenty-seven, “Toby Saves the Day,” was written as I had come across an article about an elephant.  He had worked for the circus and had been abused for most of his life.  When he was finally rescued he actually cried.  It moved me so much that I developed an entire story about an elephant.  Two days ago there was an article about adults being cruel to a sea turtle, also known as a tortoise.  It occurred on a crowded beach in Lebanon.  The turtle had swam too close to shore and an adult had picked it up out of the sea and brought it to shore.  There the poor animal was literally tortured.  It was  said to have been beaten with a long stick, small children were allowed to jump on it although a person in the crowd saw a child crying and didn’t want to stomp on the turtle’s shell. Finally, a passerby called the Animals  Lebanon rescue who rushed to the scene.  They are all volunteers saving animals. They brought the tulle to safely.  Upon examination by the veterinarian it was discovered that the turtle’s head was damaged from repeated blows. The article said that this was the third incident of tourists taking  sea turtles out of the water for selfies and acts of cruelty.  Amidst all the violence in the world, it is still shocking that people feel that they can be cruel to innocent animals.  Here was a sea turtle minding its own business and suddenly it was no longer safe and being harmed for fun or pleasure.  It doesn’t make any sense.  This falls under the realm of people not minding their own business and letting others including animals live their lives in a peaceful way.  It wasn’t as if the turtle was a threat to anyone yet it occurs all too frequently.  The continual harm to innocents particularly children and animals who cannot defend themselves clearly shows that society needs to make changes.  In the Good Gus Series, there was never any cruelty to the characters or to animals.  In many of the stories, the animals become heroes.  The lessons are there to teach children that kindness comes in all forms.  Don’t let the cruel and rude comments by the beneficiaries to the will or trust you are administering get to you.  Visit and read “Misplaced Trust.”  It will cheer you up. (books available on Kindle)