good choicescam with moneyuk-sterling-money-notes-and-coins-100137436 Many families believe that if they lend money to family members that they will be the first people paid to recover their debt. How often are they wrong? A wild guess would probably be about ninety-eight percent of the time! There are families who have one member who is always in need of money. However, once the money is lent, the debt is rarely ever paid. There is a family I know that has three sons and two daughters. All the family members are married. Two of the sons, whenever money was lent to them, they always paid their debt.  Not once did either son renege on their payments and always paid in a timely manner as was their agreement.  Then there is one of the daughters.  Her husband thinks nothing of not only not paying the debt, but finds it most convenient to criticize the lender.  He doesn’t feel that the debt should be paid and if forced, only at his convenience.  “Never a borrower or a lender be” is an old saying that is surely applicable to many families.  Whenever money is involved, the person who is in debt will find reasons not to pay.  It is always amazing that they can eat take away, buy new items, and yet not honor their debt.  What is worse is that they then develop an attitude towards the lender.  Eventually, they may even become hostile and feel justified in not paying the debt at all.  There are families where the sons or daughters simply borrow and never pay their debt.  If the parents were smart, they would cut that child off.  One of the most difficult tasks in life is when you are in charge when someone passes.  If there is a family member who is horrific with money, as soon as they receive their inheritance, they not only blow it all, but then they go back to you tp ask for more.  They will harass the executor or trustee even though they are not entitled.  In a few cases, the harassment will be so great, that the executor will literally move to a new area to escape the badgering.  If any heir is also addicted to drugs, the trustee’s or executor’s life will turn into a nightmare.  The hard earned money that was meant as a special gift, will make the drug dealer happy, but the relative’s thoughtfulness will not even be appreciated. When a person lends money to a friend, the debt can destroy the friendship.  In the Good Gus Series, there is no story that contains money ore debt. “Misplaced Trust” is the book you should read if you are an executor or trustee of an estate. It can be found at  It will be an eye opener. It is also good reading for anyone looking for a new book.