focus boyfocus sign The word focus has become a staple of almost everyone’s vocabulary. Parents tell their children to focus on them while they are speaking. It’s usually as they are lecturing or reprimanding them.  Needless to say, the children’s minds are off in never never land or they are playing with an electronic device.  At parent teacher conferences, many of the teachers assume that it is the parents’ fault that their child doesn’t focus in school.  However, a child is a person who decides what they are interested in and when they will pay attention.  There are people who cannot stop focusing on any screen that is in front of them.  It can be a phone, a computer or a TV.  They just can’t listen or participate in a discussion because they are too busy watching a screen.  There are individuals who tend to focus on the negative in their lives.  Rather than look at the positive, their focus is all the bad that goes wrong.  It could be their health, a poor income, no job, too many bills, trouble in a relationship or a difficult child.  It appears to be easier for them to constantly talk about the negative rather than appreciate the positive.  There are those people who will be out on a beautiful sunny day and say it’s too hot, it’s too cool, too windy, too many clouds, high or low humidity – it just goes on.  If they simply appreciated that it was a nice day and accepted it they might feel better both physically and mentally.  The worst part about a person whose sole focus is all the negative in their life, is that after a while, you don’t want to associate with them anymore.  Their conversations are one hundred percent about how bad everything is in their life and not one word about appreciating anything even if it’s something small.  We all have difficulties in our lives.  However, most people don’t spend almost every waking minute talking about it.  They try to do their best and focus on the positive and appreciate the good things that occur every day.  In the Good Gus Series, working together, cooperating with one another and surviving were not only important but everyone appreciated their friends and neighbors.  If you are the focus of disgruntled heirs, visit and read “Misplaced Trust.”  It may enhance your ability to deal with the beneficiaries of the will or trust you are handling. (books available on Kindle)