info dummyit Everyday we are bombarded with information.  It’s everywhere.  It’s on the  internet, radio, television, and even the adverts when you are at the movies.  There is so much information that it is virtually impossible to absorb it all.  Our brains have to be processing at an extremely rapid rate.  Not to mention, we are always learning new technology that is constantly changing and therefore, we have to change with it.  Many people feel that the amount of information we receive each day puts our minds into overload.  We just cannot handle all of it.  Just browse through any opening page other than Google.  It is filled with all types of data including the latest news, celebrity gossip, cooking recipes, tips to look younger, tips to eat healthier, finances, global economies and events plus so much more.  Even if you glance at it, there is too much to absorb.  One of the other things that keeps occurring is continual ads that look like an information service.  Once you click on it, you are often stuck.  The worst part of all the information is that you learn about terrible crimes, particularly against children, that you wish you never heard about.  There is so much controversy about divorce, the court system and partners harming children.  There is a movement in San Diego that wishes to go worldwide.  Their website is  It has valuable information for individuals fighting the system in the United States and trying to protect their children against predators.  There have been numerous complaints over the years about agencies placing children back with the abuser.  Now, the men are taking it one step further and claiming battery against the females.  It is useful information and may be helpful to anyone having a struggle in their lives and needing assistance.  In the Christmas book, “The Special Gift,” the orphanage has a fire and forgets one child.  Sheriff Gus finds the child and then brings him back to Pecos.  He has a difficult time locating the new address of the orphanage.  The story has a happy ending, but if that occurred today, there would be individuals held accountable for their actions and probably sent to jail.  If you find that you are receiving too much information from the beneficiaries of the will or trust you are handling, take a breather and visit and read “Misplaced Trust.” (books available on Kindle and on the website)