office spacethreats11-gusandbart2-300x2401-150x150-largeHow many readers have to face the workplace bully every day? Not everyone, but there are enough regardless of the country that are a master at their craft. When you think about it, it’s completely unacceptable. They workplace bully will come at a person when no one else is around to hear. Then if that person mentions it to someone else, he or she will vehemently deny that they did it. Often it is quite subtle. When they do it there is always an underlying threat. The workplace bully will make sure you understand that you will lose your job, a commission, credit for the work you performed etc. If you dare to ask him in front of anyone else, he or she will act as if you are crazy and that they have no idea what you are talking about. Then, one day, you will decide you have had enough. You will move on to another position and hope that there isn’t the same circumstances. The workplace bully will select the person they can push with his or her threats. They will make that person cave in rather than continue with the yelling, threats, possibly name calling, etc. Occasionally, you will work with a person who recognizes exactly who the workplace bully is and what he or she are doing to you and possibly others.  The worst thing about the workplace bully is that they seem to be the people who are promoted.  They have an in with the manager or corporate and therefore, anything anyone under him or her may say against them, won’t matter.  There are individuals who have brought lawsuits against the workplace bully.  They don’t always win but they make it well know just the type of person the workplace bully is and who they are.  Once it is out in the open, others tend to step forward because the fear of losing their job has been removed.  Sometimes the person doing the bullying can be a sales representative, another co-worker, or even someone looking to move up in the organization.  Once they start, they find a person’s weakness and go for the throat every time there is a problem and they want to take it out on you and bully you.  Somehow, it makes them feel better.  This includes their threats. The only bully in the Good Gus Series was Bad Bart.  If your finances are a mess, don’t be bullied by a collection agency.  Start today with the Money Manager at  It will change your life.