too hardbig bang There are individuals in life that seem too difficult to either live with or associate in any form.  Take Sheldon on “Big Bang Theory.”  He would be impossible on a day to day basis in real life.  There are probably people in your life that you find just too difficult to cope with even on an infrequent basis.  Many of the books, movies and television plots revolve around a difficult person.  Many of the themes include comedy.  The drama type stories tend to be more along the line of mystery and possibly murder.  It has been written numerously that the difficult person would be eliminated and be the main focus for the plot.  Anyone can be difficult to be around.  For example, a woman decides to go shopping and invites another friend to accompany her.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a man or another woman.  She is the no nonsense type of shopper who knows what she wants, finds it, and then makes her purchase.  The friend on the other hand has to look at every item, feel every fabric and can’t make a decision.  The original invitee would then find her companion too difficult.  She would feel that her time is being wasted.The same theory applies in the workplace.  A person may have a manager or supervisor that is so detailed that they become too difficult to work with and for.  They are the type who will insist that even if the work is perfect that they will somehow manage to find a small, insignificant flaw, and make the employee do the project again.  Once a person is finished with a particular job, most individual’s hate to do it all over again.   In the movie business, the gossip magazines constantly discuss the celebrities that are too difficult.  The more money they make, it appears, the worse they become.  They make unrealistic demands of everyone around them including special foods, specialty drinks, a lavish  dressing room or trailer, and if they travel for their job, the requirements are increased dramatically.  It causes a strain and tension among the people doing their best to please their boss.  In the Good Gus Series, there were on a few characters that were too difficult.  Some of them were even animals.  “Misplaced Trust at may provide the help you need in dealing with the heirs of the trust or will who are simply too difficult to handle. (books available on Kindle)