fashionrespectgodfather When a better offer comes along, people generally take it. However, there are individuals who may socialize with others until they receive a better offer. In other words, they may agree to attend a party or event, but then cancel at the last minute because they received a better offer.  If a person does that to you, then you will know what they really think of you.  A girlfriend of mine used to make plans with other ladies to go out to dinner and possibly a show or a movie.  She learned quickly that if one of her now former friends received a better offer they would cancel.  It was usually a last minute call from a man for a date.  She felt that anyone who accepted a last minute better offer didn’t have any respect for themselves or her.  When individuals are shopping around for a new or used car, whomever they visit will automatically sweeten whatever the other companies’ proposed as a price.  In that case, the better offer is always the correct choice as you will save on the price, if you finance the payments and the interest. As today is Memorial Day in the United States, the reminders of the wars and good triumphing over evil are important.  The allies in WWII made a better offer to the soldiers to surrender or continue fighting and die.  You know how that turned out. The old Godfather movies usually had the character’s lines, “Make him an offer he can’t refuse.”  Of course, we all know that meant do what they were asking or find yourself fitted with cement shoes for the nearest body of water.  There have been numerous stories about people who refused the requests of the mafia, mob or  la cosa nostra.  There were articles in Massachusetts where when dredging lakes, rivers and reservoirs, many items were found or what was left of them.  In  the west in the desert areas, there are rumors of people in the sand.  Who knows if any of this is really true?  Bullies in their quest for your lunch or money when you were in school, daring you to do something outrageous, or even adults who use the bullying tactic to get what they want, start out with the choice of doing what they say or giving them what they want or suffering the consequences.  Their better offer usually meant physical violence.  In the Good Gus Series, Sheriff Gus made Bad Bart a better offer which ended his bullying of Bob at the Sweet shop.  As you become worn down from the beneficiaries of a will or trust, you may be able to make them a better offer to leave you alone.  Please read “Misplaced Trust” at  (Books available on Kindle)