alfregeorgebradd pittbillsamuelharrison There are many sayings about age. For example, “Age is a state of mind, Your age doesn’t really matter, Your age is based on how you really feel,” etc.  There are nice quotes but how true are they?  Anyone young who has tried to make a purchase where you had to be a specific age, understands that it isn’t all relative.  The older people resent people even beginning to think that they are their real age.  They always want to look at least five to ten years younger.  If they didn’t, the wrinkle cream business wouldn’t exist. I read an article once about a woman who had a face lift so she would look younger and then lied about her age so she would continue to be employable. When I had a temporary contract firm, I personally specialized in engineers over forty.  Back then they were being discriminated against even though there were laws against it.  Today, as the baby boomers continue to age, the hiring practices have changed. Now, particularly in Hollywood, the older men and women are extremely popular and landing good roles in movies.  For example, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Bill Murray, Samuel Jackson and Alfre Woodard just to name a few are still loved by the fans and working at their craft.  Have you ever wondered or thought about older married couples who divorce in their fifties, sixties and even seventies?  If you ask a few people they may say that they just became tired of each other; they grew apart after the children moved out or they simply changed over time and no longer had anything in common.  In society today, because individuals live longer, they have the opportunity even late in life to meet someone new, near their age, and continue enjoying their lives rather than be stuck in a loveless marriage.  There are even dating sites for individuals over fifty-five! Life is made to be lived and whatever a person’s age is, unless they are ill, shouldn’t stand in their way for continued happiness and success.  The age group for the Good Gus Series is four to seven.  The children loved the stories and the concepts of the old west.  If any of the heirs to a will or trust are telling you that your age is a factor and that you should step down, don’t listen to them.  Please visit and read “Misplaced Trust,” also available on Kindle.