children's day signchildren's day A few days ago it was Children’s Day in Poland.  My daughter-in-law bought a lovely gift for my granddaughter for that day. It was also worldwide on June first.   When you think about it, children are a gift and should be celebrated every day.  It is very sad when you see continual articles about people abusing children in many ways and even harming them so badly that they die.  If they didn’t like or want the child, why didn’t they give them to an adoption agency rather than hurt them?  There are many children in foster care because of terrible parents who cannot begin to understand the value of their gift or even celebrate a Children’s Day ever.  Many parents feel that their child or children should be scheduled to make sure that they stay out of harms way, don’t associate with the wrong children or their families.  There are individuals who believe that their child should only be exposed to people in their same income category or possibly class.  The point of Children’s Day is to remember the value and importance of children but also to allow them to be free and express themselves.  If we do a good job as parents, then they will not be attracted to the wrong individuals.  Obviously, by wrong I mean a child who is violent at an early age because of what they see at home,juveniles who skip school, steal items in stores, etc.  The over scheduled child might be tempted by this type of behavior because they don’t have time to just be.  It is important that children have time to themselves and even privacy.  There have been several movies about the over scheduled child.  They end up envying any and all children because they have options and choices.  Rather than be scheduled, for example, for a sport, what is wrong with letting them try a few different sports until they find one they like.  The same is applicable to music lessons.  Then if they hate all of it, find what does interest them and let them pursue it.  There is a show in the United States on the Nickelodeon channel  featuring a person named Cam.  He has the ability to work with children and help grant them their hopes, dreams and wishes.  For example, there was a commercial in which a girl really wants to be a basketball player  on a sports team when she grows up.  It flashes to a famous women’s basketball star walking into a youth facility and the girl is so amazed and excited its wonderful.  The TV stations are doing their best to teach children to believe in themselves and go for their dreams.  In the Good Gus Series, the children are free after chores to play and pursue their hobbies.  If the adults  of the will or trust are making your life miserable, visit and read “Misplaced Trust.” (books available on Kindle)