condescend pic   condescending How often do you find that individuals display a condescending attitude towards you, a member of your family or your friends? It’s surprising that people feel the need to patronize others.  Today on the internet there was an article about the condescending attitude towards a television host regarding a chef of a particular ethnicity.  The two main stars of the show were completely unaware that this was going on behind their backs.  They were surprised and shocked.  Frankly, I think the host should be fired.  People seem to have this attitude that they are superior to everyone else and tend to look down on them.  It doesn’t matter what your education is, the color of your skin, your profession, or? What does count is who you are as a person and how you treat others.  Many years ago I took my daughter for her eighteenth birthday to a restaurant in Hollywood, owned by Wolfgang Puck.  We had reservations and it was very exciting to be in a celebrity’s restaurant.  The first waiter to appear had a condescending attitude towards my family.  Then, he was changed to another person.  She was pleasant and I asked her what happened to the first fellow.  She said he didn’t wish to wait on us.  I thought it was because we were from out of town.  However, after we returned from her birthday celebration, a neighbor informed me that she used to lived in the greater Hollywood area and that many waiters had a condescending attitude if you didn’t appear to be wealthy or weren’t wearing the latest fashions he wasn’t interested in serving you.  So even though he was a minimum wage earner and I owned a successful business, his felt superior to my family and had the need to insult our dignity.  There are times when we meet and have to deal with people in the public sector who seem to feel superior to us and possibly a little drunk with power.  Their condescending attitudes, if we allow it, make us feel small and inferior.  When actually, they are the ones who should be feeling small and inferior.  The Good Gus series had characters that expressed themselves and never to each other in a condescending way.  When the beneficiaries of the trust or will you are managing make condescending remarks to you, ignore them and visit and read “Misplaced Trust.” (books available on kindle)