desensitized woman and mandesentisized boy and girl

It is beginning to seem that the world has become desensitized when a terrorist attack occurs, murder, and any other violent crimes.  It was amazing to see, that only one person besides myself, felt bad for the people of Belgium.  There is so much tragedy in the world, that people don’t seem to notice it any more.  There are issues around the globe and normally people make comments, and even with the Paris attack, many changed their profile to show the colors of the French flag.  Yet, nothing on Facebook about the families, the country and the difficult times ahead for all those involved.  Why has this occurred?  Is that there is just too much happening that people can no longer cope with it?  When a child be it young or an adult, commits a crime that is devastating, the family, neighbors and friends rally around the parents.  It is obvious that the parents cannot handle what their child may have done, why they did it, and the irreparable harm and pain they caused the other family.  There have been many studies stating that too much television causes children to become desensitized.  Children appear to be committing crimes at an earlier age.  If they see violence between children they often cannot distinguish and copy the actions.  I recently saw an old show where a little girl was being bullied by a larger taller girl in her class.  She didn’t want to go to school and tried to convince her parents to let her stay home.  The dad told her that bullies were weak and she needed to stand up to them.  That day at school, she did.  There were consequences, however.  She told the bully she wasn’t going to take it any more and that if she didn’t stop that her dad, who was a Marine, would come to school and blow her to bits.  Naturally, everyone was upset including the bully’s parents.  The school psychologist tried to place the blame on the parents which didn’t work.  The parents of the bullied girl had clearly never told her to make threats or say those things.  However, as the little girl was desperate, and knew that her dad had fought wars, she was sure that by saying those words, the girl would stop.  Sure enough she did, but not without issues with the school.  All parents were satisfied by working it out together and the two girls became friends.  The threat was not real but because the girl had become desensitized to her dad going to war, she thought it was acceptable.  We all need to stick together and recognize that if violence or war is not in our area, it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen.    We would our lives to matter and for everyone to recognize that violence, war, killing, and bodily harm are all wrong.  There is no violence in the Good Gus Series as I felt there was too much in the world.  The stories were written with kindness and lending a helping hand to anyone who needed it.  If your heirs are desensitized to your feels, don’t let them get to you.  Visit and peruse “Misplaced Trust.”  It will give you a different perspective on how to handle your situation.