arnolddream comment Often individuals become discouraged. Why do people become discouraged? It can too many life events hitting at once; losing their job; or worse the passing of a loved me. Their minds begin to break and find it difficult to cope. Helping a friend through anything, if they don’t respond, can be discouraging to the helper. There are parents who dislike their child’s or children’s choices and then they are discouraged from doing whatever they wanted to do. I have written about hopes, wishes and dreams. When a family member, a close friend or relative tells an individual that their ideas are stupid, they will fail, or worse that they have always been a loser and will never change, it is highly likely that that person will become discouraged.  Children who grow up in poverty, during war, or in the ghetto, lose hope and may end up being discouraged their entire lives.  There are many individuals, however, who realize that they are better than whatever anyone else tells them and that they can succeed.  Often they achieve everything they hoped and dreamed about because they refused to allow others to stop them.  There are hundreds of books about people who went from rags to riches.  I have mentioned Arnold Schwarzenegger before.  He left Austria and landed on U.S. soil with a duffel bag and little cash.  Look at him today.  Many of the famous celebrities had the good future to be selected for a TV show or a movie and they ended up wealthy and famous. Working in an environment that is negative and lacks cooperation among the workmates and the bosses, just isn’t worth it.  All your hopes and dreams of gaining a promotion, possible stock options, a much larger salary fall away in that type of environment.  Staying at that job while you find a new one leads to being discouraged.  It is not always easy but your personal happiness and well-being is far more important.  People often make remarks to others which are uncalled for and unnecessary. All it takes is one negative comment to destroy a dream.  People should always think before they speak.  Encouragement is far more important and leads to not only making the other person feel better along with yourself.  Kindness and consideration goes a long way.  There are a few stories in the Good Gus Series where individuals were discouraged.  However, friends, neighbors and family gave the characters the encouragement they needed to turn things around. (Book one available on Kindle) Don’t be discouraged if the heirs are treating you miserably, visit, and see if “Misplaced Trust” can make a difference for you.  (Also available on Kindle)