find fault fordfinding faultWhat makes people find fault with others? Is it a lack of confidence, a feeling that makes them feel more superior, or are they just plain rude.  I have heard individuals comment about different people and their appearance.  I know a person who feels he can say anything even though he is overweight and dresses poorly.  It always amazed me that he criticized individuals because they were heavy, while he was not a slim Jim or even physically fit.  He would also make comments about how people dressed when he himself was no where near a fashion plate.  Family members will find fault with others simply because they feel they can.  They will criticize if they ask you to do something and either you do it wrong or you didn’t have time for it.  They don’t seem to take into account that you may be busy and just didn’t get to their request by dropping everything to do it. The same is true in the workplace.  A co-worker will ask you for something such as a document and you are right in the middle of another document. If it is a supervisor or manager, you are immediately expected to drop what you are doing and provide the item.  Yet, if you are working on a difficult document, and ask if they can wait for a few, often you are met with hostility.  They may also find fault with you and consider you ineligible for a promotion or raise.  Demands that people put on others are sometimes more than they can handle at a given time.  Often people need to be considerate and give the other person a chance.  If a person is overwhelmed with work, responsibilities, duties, etc. they may not always be able to honor requests in a timely manner.  The requester should take that into consideration and not find fault.  There are people that are so unhappy that they find fault with everything.  They could be at a gourmet restaurant, seated in first class on a plane or train, a designer clothes shop, and still find fault with the food, the accommodations, the clothes, etc. Even if it was all exactly the way they wanted it or liked it, there will be one excuse or another to criticize, complain and find fault.  If the heirs of a will or trust continue to find fault with you, visit and read “Misplaced Trust.”  It might just give you the assistance you need.