caravancampingglam camping For many people, hard work is an anomaly. The majority of people in the world do not get their hands dirty at work every day. They sit at desks, service customers in shops, and work at machinery that does not require any physical efforts.  Most parents who start out in life and had to perform hard work, wanted it much easier for their children.  They stressed higher education and careers that were less demanding and paid more than they earned.  However, when you look at what individuals do on a daily basis, there are careers that are not considered hard work.  For example, being a stay at home mum is looked upon as easy when in reality it is not.  Mothers have to keep house, feed a family, do laundry and ironing, shopping, take the children to various lessons, and all the while look fabulous while doing it.  It is hard work to keep a clean house with children; to think up new meals that appeal to the entire family; maintain the  laundry while at the same time teaching children morals, ethics and making sure that they have a solid education.  Camping used to be hard work.  Individuals would fill a backpack with food, tie a sleeping bag and small tent to their pack and then hike to a spot.  Now there is car camping and a new term entitled glam camping.  The old fashioned type of camping is hard work.  You have to hike to a site, set up a tent, and then find wood to build a campfire.  Car camping offers convenience of loading everything into the car or truck and then driving to a site.  Then you simply unload.  The car camping sites generally have a campfire and a BBQ grill for cooking.  Now, the glam camping is extremely fancy.  You drive and do nothing except unload your suitcase.  There are families who love the glam camping because everything is right there and there is absolutely no hard work. Last but not least, the other type of glam camping namely the caravan or RV.  That is luxury while having all conveniences at your fingertips.   It is a different way to enjoy the outdoors.  In the Good Gus Series, everyone had to perform hard work as it was their way of life.  There were no modern conveniences.  Camping was lying under the stars and hoping there wouldn’t be any rain.  If you feel that as executor or trustee for a will or an estate is hard work, visit and read “Misplaced Trust.”  It may make it easier for you.  (books available on Kindle)