think-big-22197784too late296044_490238270987734_25261447_n Often individuals are told when they confide their hopes and dreams that is a waste of time. It is a terrible thing to say to anyone. If a person is brave enough to tell another individual their hopes and dreams, the least the individual could do was not tell them they are foolish or ridiculous. How many times have you been told by a friend that they had hopes and dreams but their parents shattered them? For some reason, there are parents and relatives who feel that they have the right to make a person aware that their hopes and dreams are foolish or ridiculous. They are the thoughts of their child, even if it is an adult, and rather than say things such as, “You don’t have enough money; You will never succeed;, Your ideas will never work; How do you expect to do this even part time since you barely make enough money now; It will be a waste of time;” and the worse one of all, “You do not have the ability, talent, brains, etc. to accomplish your goals.” When you think about that what comes to mind?  Could it be jealousy as they never really succeeded in life?  Is it possible they don’t want you to be more successful than them?  There are so many reasons and guesses, there isn’t enough space to write about it.  It’s not only parents that do this either.  It’s close friends, husbands, wives, partners; they all have some inner ideas about a person fulfilling their hopes and dreams.  It could also be fear in terms of once their mate or partner is successful, they will leave them rather than include them in their successes.  It is presumptuous for anyone to say to another person they will not succeed and shatter their hopes and dreams.  When a person has hopes and dreams, even if they feel they are too old, they should still go for it.  You never know unless you try.  In the Good Gus Series, many of the characters had hopes and dreams.  The stories give children an idea of fulfilling their hopes and dreams.  For example, Nurse Joyce traveled from the UK to Pecos, Texas to start a new life.  In book twelve, Adamo who was from Italy, also came to Pecos.  He too was fulfilling his hopes and dreams.  If your hopes and dreams are being destroyed by your finances, don’t give up.  Visit and try the Money Manager.  It may be exactly what you need to turn your finances around.