image eisteinimage re boysimagine signuncle buck Everyone has an imagination.  Many individuals appear to have none whatsoever, but deep down they do.  They may not always show or speak about things they imagine, but it exists.  Imagination is a wonderful thing.  It gives all of us the chance to think about different things and even come up with ideas.  If it wasn’t for the imagination of inventors, there wouldn’t be all the conveniences and technology available today.  There are people who feel that engineers, techies, and scientists have no imagination as their conversations center around facts.  What they fail to see is that the really talented people have an imagination to develop their ideas and new products.  Look at Facebook.  A few technical men gathered together, probably brain stormed and now today, Facebook is a multi-million dollar business thriving around the globe.  They not only thought locally and nationally, but their imaginations knew that they would become a global enterprise.  As children, we all played with our imagination.  We invented people with our toys and even girls had imaginary characters at their tea parties.  For many it led them to pursue their dreams and set goals for their lives.  For others, their ideas and thoughts were destroyed by other children, bullies, and adults.  The principal in the movie, “Uncle Buck” made it abundantly clear to Buck that his niece didn’t need an imagination.  He disagreed and let the principal know in no uncertain terms that she indeed didn’t have a creative thought in her brain.  We all need to be encouraged to use our imagination along with creative thinking.  Even if our dreams don’t always come true fully, it it pleasurable simply to have positive thoughts about ourselves and our futures.  Many of the musicians who started out as rock bands, several  of whom split up, still continue as individuals to perform and that was and still is their dream.  None of their songs would have even been written without creative thinking and a vivid imagination.  If the old explorers didn’t dream that there were new horizons to conquer, where would we all be?  There were so many individuals, before their time, who could foresee with their day dreaming, possible ideas, and creativity that made strides in medicine, the telephone, automobiles, electricity and so much more that we now take for granted.  In the Good Gus Series, the characters are inventive and imaginative.  If your imagination is running away with negative thoughts about the beneficiaries to the trust or will you are administering, stop and visit and peruse “Misplaced Trust.”  You will be glad you did.  (books available on Kindle)