listening childlistenilng men Have you ever noticed that people really don’t listen? They act as if they are listening, but then when you ask their opinion, they reply, “What did you say?” As children, we rarely took the time to listen to our parents particularly if they told us not to do something that  we really wanted to.  Then, there were the lectures which seemed infinite and never ending.  Meetings in the workplace can tend to make our minds drift off if they are too long.  Sometimes a boss or manager drones on for such a long time, that after a while we are day dreaming, planning what to eat for dinner, possibly what time to go to the gym, shopping, or our children’s activities.  I have seen people fall asleep during especially long meetings.  There are also people who demonstrate what they consider is their personal self importance so that as they speak on topics you aren’t even interested in, finding a graceful way to extracate one’s self becomes difficult.  It often occurs at business functions and sometimes social gatherings such as parties.  You may try to really pay attention and listen, but often this type of individual doesn’t seem to understand that not everyone finds them fascinating.  Of course, there is one topic that all parents and grandparents enjoy and that is their children.  It’s great when you are having a conversation with a person with similar interests.  However, individuals without children are bored after a few minutes and truly stop listening.  They seem to be literally plotting their escape from the children or grandchildren talk.  In life, wherever you go it is easy to find people pretending to listen to another individual, but they actually playing on their phones.  If you are going to have a conversation, then you should participate in it.  If the topic doesn’t interest you , let the other person know and discuss subjects you both enjoy.  Often, people learn new things including a new restaurant, a great place to travel, or even how to figure out technical issues relating to cars, computers, or even appliances.  The children in The Good Gus Series do not always listen to their parents.  That, of course, leads to exciting stories with adventures and as always happy endings. If the beneficiaries refuse to listen as you diligently handle a trust or a will, tell them to visit and read “Misplaced Trust.”  Then they will understand what is really taking so long and treat you with respect.  Books available on Kindle, Apple I-Books, Nook, and I-Book websites.