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There is usually a defining moment in everyone’s life. It could be a life altering event or just the realization of something.  Either way once that moment occurs each person understands and knows that it was out of the ordinary.  Each moment of our lives shouldn’t be wasted.  Sure we all need to work and make a living, but beyond that it shouldn’t be expended in negative thoughts or actions.  Occasionally, it simply can’t be helped.  For example, you might be at the bank or the post and the person ahead of you has bad breath and body odor.  You try to back up but it appears to be their day to talk to strangers.  When they finally are the next person to be waited upon, you have a big sigh of relief.  Even though it was an unpleasant moment, in spite of it you made someone feel good if only for a few minutes.  Families tend to waste our time and energy.  As adults they compete with one another for their parents time, affection and praise.  As a parent of adult children, anyone who has been through this understands it completely.  The Smothers Brothers made millions with the phrase, “Mom liked you best.”  Seriously, mothers love their children equally and enjoy any and all moments shared with them that are happy and positive.  Often a moment that brings real true joy is so fleeting that you hang onto it for as long as possible.  There are so many moments as we live our lives that are good and positive.  It’s really important to remember them in times of stress.  Even in the workplace, which can be dull, boring and downright dreary, there are  special moments here and there where someone may tell a joke that brightens your day, or the boss announces everyone can leave a little early, or a workmate arrives with special homemade goods that everyone can enjoy.  Those are the times that make everything worthwhile.  It doesn’t take much, but its what counts.  When I visit the real Mary from the Good Gus Series, I always tell her it is my happy place.  She lives across from the ocean and we have wonderful walks with her dog while I am visiting.  They aren’t anything significant, but they are special and when they come to mind, it always brings a smile to my face.  In the Good Gus series, there are many stories with a defining moment for the children and once in a while for the adults.  Your time is precious so as the administrator of a will or trust,  don’t let greedy heirs ruin every moment you are forced to deal with them.  Instead, visit and read “Misplaced Trust.”  It will bring a smile to your face.  (books available on Kindle)