anna nicole smithscandals with moneyuk-sterling-money-notes-and-coins-100137436 There is a great deal of discussion about money lately on the internet, in the news and newspapers. The articles may be discussing the economy, wages, taxes, politics and more. However, rarely does anyone talk about money people inherit. More importantly, how they inherit. Many years ago, the family of J. Howard Marshall fought the estate arguing that Anna Nicole Smith had married him for his money. There were many arguments on both sides when she passed.  It took years to settle the estate and in the end the case went to the Supreme Court.  They decided in her favor and awarded her a significant sum of money.  However, another relative stepped in and fought further.  In the end, Anna Nicole Smith’s estate did receive quite a bit of money. The debate over the money spanned  two states.  I actually know of a female who is on her third husband.  She finds older sickly men, then marries them.  Before they become incompetent, they change their trust or will and she inherits everything.  Their children find out after their dads have passed.  In the state she lives in, there are no laws protecting the heirs. Now she is taking care of a female relative who must have money.  Otherwise, she wouldn’t be doing it.  There are many countries who do not have laws about individuals marrying for money.  However, in the United States, California has taken the lead and passed laws against it.  They have also passed laws against caretakers receiving an inheritance after their patient has passed.  It has been quite easy for men and women to convince a patient that they are the only people taking care of an elderly person and that their family doesn’t care about them or love them anymore.  In “Misplaced Trust” I have cited a few incidents where the caretaker has isolated a patient and convinced them to change their trust or will.  Certain individuals have been really successful by playing the law and using unscrupulous attorneys.  In one case in California, a woman became the caretaker to an elderly man.  The truth was his family didn’t bother with him and actually paid for the woman’s services.  She moved in with the man so she could offer twenty four hour care.  Day by day she told the man his family didn’t care about him, never came to visit, and in general were only interested in his money.  When the family called to see how he was, or tried to visit, she made excuses and turned them away. Slowly, she began the isolation process. Once she had the confidence of the old man, she had an attorney draw up a new will giving her all the money he had and disinheriting his family.  As soon as he passed, she went to a second attorney and had the will probated.  It was more costly because of the fees mandated by the state, but the first and second attorneys were in this with her and they did make a tidy sum. Anyone who knows that they have been appointed the Trustee or executor of an estate, it is important that they are aware of how people behave, how much can happen to them while they are performing their duties, and what a few of the pitfalls may be.  In the end, no matter what, it will always be about the money.  There is no real discussion in the Good Gus Series about money.  However, “Misplaced Trust” at may be a real eye opener for anyone in that position.