postive freepositive signpositive beach Most people have positive thoughts every day.  Even when life can be difficult, positive thoughts can help us get through whatever may be happening.  Positive thoughts are much easier to think than negative thoughts.  People with negative thoughts tend to ruin a person’s day.  What is worse is that they spread it wherever they go.  It isn’t always easy to be a in good frame of mind.  However, it is easy to think positively rather than negatively.  The person who projects their bad thoughts and possibly words are really not someone you would want to associate with.  Whatever occurs in everyday life, the negative person can find a reason to moan, complain or just be rude.  How often you you been at the bank, post or a shop, when someone who is undoubtedly negative, takes it out on the clerk or teller?  They make a point of not only making another individual’s day miserable, but everyone around them who can hear their nasty conversation.  It might be possible that being negative is what makes them happy.  They may enjoy turning a good day into an unpleasant day.  There are individuals who feel so inferior that this is their only recourse.  Have you ever been in a line anywhere including the airport, a restaurant, etc. when an individual will start discussing trips they have been on, or restaurants that were five star?  They may be positive thoughts they are projecting, but at the same time they have an inferior view of themselves so they try to make themselves look and sound important.  I worked with a man like whose negative thoughts permeated the workplace just about every day.  After a while, I stopped listening and found a new position.  The constant barrage of criticism and their grievances can literally give one a headache.  I once asked him why he was always upset about everything.  That was a mistake as he went on for over one hour on what was wrong with the world, his life, and me.  Sharing positive thoughts brightens everyone you come in contact with each day.  Even simple compliments, which are pleasant, can cheer a person up.  It also makes life easier and individuals, particularly in any service area, will treat you much better.  The characters in the Good Gus Series were never negative except for Bad Bart.  It was a positive way of giving children good thoughts.  If your mind is wandering to thinking negatively towards the heirs of the will or trust you are handling, change to positive thoughts and read “Misplaced Trust” at (books available on Kindle)