pressure personpressure with heart We all have pressure at one time or another.  Dealing with it is another matter.  Many individuals cannot cope with pressure and fall apart.  Sometimes it’s such a minor occurance and yet there are certain people who simply can’t handle it.  There are many people around the globe that never drive a car. They don’t want the pressure of taking a driving test or driving.  They rely solely on public transportation, a bicycle, their feet, and friends and relatives.  When I was a girl my grandparents never learned how to drive.  They were originally farm people form Southern Ireland.  Driving a horse and wagon was about all they could handle.  When they moved to America, they walked everywhere and then learned how the public transportation system worked.  There are individuals today who prefer small towns and the country so they are never exposed to the pressure of freeways, toll roads, highways and any and all traffic congestion.  There are often individuals who fall apart at work.  It doesn’t matter what they are doing, if pressure is applied they crack.  Many people, particularly in the high pressure fields where demand is high to finish tasks or projects in short periods have difficulty holding it all together.  They often fall apart and either are dismissed, have a heart attack, or create an episode.  The episodes sadly can lead to police assistance, hospitalization, or worse jail.  Sometimes people act out taking their inability to cope and their frustrations on their workmates.  No matter what it never ends well.  As individuals, we often put unnecessary pressure on ourselves.  We usually don’t notice what we are doing until someone points it out to us.  Often it is applied for foolish things such as wearing the perfect outfit to an event,  choosing only brand names for clothing, shoes, etc., overall appearance, not being seen with anyone who is not “important or in,” driving an expensive vehicle, and anything else that comes to mind.  In the Good Gus Series, there are a few stories that have pressure  due to weather conditions.  However, Sheriff Gus immediately takes action and everyone remains safe in Pecos.  Don’t let the pressure get to you by the heirs of the will or trust you are handling.  Read “Misplaced Trust” at and it will instantly dissipate. (books available on Kindle)