priority signprioritiesEveryone has priorities.  What their priorities are in order of importance varies from person to person.  For many people, money is their main priority.  For others it is health and possible family.  For the money priority, there are individuals who will go to any length to make it.  There are people who are ruthless, but not necessarily unscrupulousness about making money.  They may stop at literally nothing to win a large sale, land a contract even if it includes  acing out their fellow workmates in order to close the deal or just to secure a sale.  It certainly doesn’t make for a pleasant work environment.  It leads to such fierce competition that the business will probably succeed but at what cost?  Many people feel so pressured to succeed and make a great deal of money that they end up having a nervous breakdown, possibly losing their family,  having a heart attack, and along the way destroying their health.  It isn’t easy to eat perfectly when you work on a deadline and don’t have to time to eat in a relaxing manner and not on the go.  They can end up ruining their health and for what, lots of money.  Everyone would like to be comfortable financially, but it isn’t always possible.  Most individuals work and do the best they can.  They save, and when they can, go on holiday.  They purchase items that they will enjoy rather than buy just because they have plenty of money.  Their priorities are in place according to most people if you ask them.  When money overtakes an individual, their priorities change and it’s all consuming.  They feel without that large paycheck each week, life isn’t what it should be.  Actually, life is what you make it.  The individuals who feel family and health or more important seem to be the ones who really enjoy their lives.  Although, the families that constantly struggle with money, do have a more difficult time.  Often their opportunities are limited but they still put forth the effort.  They also can work too hard in the hopes of making it beyond the just the getting by stage.  Once a person becomes sick, particularly with a terminal illness, their priorities suddenly change.  The money is less important and trying to live longer is their number one priority.  Even when a person has a life crisis, or someone passes, it often changes their perspective on life and their priorities are rearranged.  In the Good Gus Series, the main priority for everyone is to be healthy, happy and watch out for each other.  The money was always there just not the main goal of any of the characters.  The stories teach children the lessons of life while enjoying the adventures of the characters.  If your priorities are becoming skewed due to pressure from the beneficiaries as executor or trustee for a will or living trust, never fear, visit and read “Misplaced Trust” and your worries will disappear.