security-guard-communicating-15965678temper mancars on fire11-gusandbart2-300x2401-150x150-largeself discipline Many of the articles on the internet are primarily about people losing self control.  The majority of the stories are set within the United States.  There was an article about a man who was being pursued by two policemen in two states in the Northeast.  Once they finally caught him, they used a great deal of force and it appears that they both lost their self control as they were punching him.  With all the strife in the states, how can anyone feel safe any more?  There are now several articles about the police losing self control and it’s affecting the entire country.  There has to be a better answer than telling them all to stop it.  Now, individuals are resolving the problem  in their own way by going after the police.  Losing self control is never good.  Often people completely lose it over something insignificant and they end up doing and saying things they regret.  Once it happens it cannot be reversed.  Look at road rage.  Individuals who are under stress, possibly late for an appointment or work end up letting their temper get the best of them and they start yelling and screaming at other drivers.  They even cut them off, run red lights and stop signs all for the sake of a few minutes.  Their lack of self control wreaks havoc and spoils other individuals days.  Not only that, if they are in that much of a rush they often have accidents and individuals are injured sometimes severely and occasionally fatally.  Supervisors and managers occasionally lose their tempers which is regretable.  By just that very action, they shouldn’t be in a position of authority as they lack good self control.  Sure, there are many things in life that aggravate us.  You can start your day with everything going smoothly and then one minor thing sets a chain reaction and before you know it, holding your temper is a chore.  There was an article recently about a woman who brought a housekeeper from her country to the U.S.  While she worked for the family in Bangkok, everything was wonderful.  Once she arrived in the states, the employer seemed to suddenly get angry over everything the woman did.  She began beating her, starving her and generally taking all of her frustrations out on her.  The worst part is that the small community which is quite wealthy, was in shock over the employer’s behavior.  The woman finally ran away when she had the chance and the police found her on the side of the road.  They had to locate a Chinese interpreter to understand what had happened.  All the woman wanted was to return home. However, the employer had even taken her passport which was also illegal. The neighbors said that the employer was a quiet woman and that they couldn’t imagine her losing self control in that way.  The only character in the Good Gus Series who basically had a temper tantrum was Bad Bart in book one.  It may sometimes feel like the beneficiaries  for the trust or will you are handling, are pushing at you so hard that at any moment you will lose self control, but don’t let them get to you.  Instead visit and read “Misplaced Trust.” (books available on Kindle)