spacetiny homelarge home Space is not just outer space but a personal preference. Everyone is a different thought when the word space is mentioned. There is a new housing craze in the U.S. entitled “Tiny Homes.” That is exactly what they are; extremely small homes. There many individuals and couples who embrace the idea and companies are popping up all around the country offering custom built tiny homes. Some of the homes are on land and others appear to be portable. The way they put the homes together is amazing and the space inside them is utilized to the absolute fullest. Several of the homes have even added solar panels to take advantage of the sun and keep their utility costs extremely low. There are individuals who cherish a small home and then there are the extremely large homes. They exist around the globe and the costs to maintain them are astronomical. If you ever see any shows on the BBC, the older homes that date back a few centuries are humongous. Many of them are marvels within themselves as in this day and age it must be impossible to heat and cool such a large space. Of course, the other part of a large home is the maintenance, upkeep, and cleaning. My first home was a two bedroom one bath home, with no garage. It was easy to clean and maintain. Over the years, I have owned average sized homes and once for fourteen years a sizeable home, 5,000 sq. feet or 464.51520000000005 meters. It was expensive to heat and cool and the maintenance was not fun either. The costs at that time were not as high for utilities and it contained an underground oil tank. I always bought fuel in the summer when prices were low and paid cash. When the winter arrived and people were paying double to heat their homes, it was quite comfortable for me knowing that the price was half. Space, though, for others means their own private sanctuary. It’s a location in their home where they can read in solitude, watch their favorite TV shows, or just relax and do absolutely nothing. There was an old episode on “Frazier” where he was bemoaning the fact that he had no space, real privacy or a comfortable place to read his book. His dad along with a caretaker were living with him and he just wanted a small space where he could relax. He ended up reading his storage space in the basement of his condo building! When I wrote the first story for the Good Gus Series, I decided to set it in Texas where there still is a great deal of wide open space. I thought it would be ideal for children to read about the old west rather than another series of monsters, aliens, mythical characters and fairies. If the beneficiaries of the trust or will are refusing to give you any space, don’t fret, visit and read “Misplaced Trust.” Not only will you enjoy the book, but it will give you a few snappy answers for those pesky individuals.