thank you in many languagesthank you   Today was Thank You Day on the PBS show, in the United States, “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.” I didn’t catch the full show but the premise was that the entire neighborhood was meeting for a banquet.  Everyone brought a special  food dish to say thank you to their family, friends and neighbors.  It is a marvelous idea.  There are so many days around the world celebrating that one should be thank you.  For example, there is National Coffee Day, Friendship Day, National Hot Dog Day, Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents Days, Ice Cream Day and so many more.  It would be nice to have a day where everyone appreciates each other.  Yesterday, I was at the grocery standing  in a line waiting at the Deli counter.  The people before me didn’t say hello to the clerk, although she said “What can I get for you today?” They were sorely lacking in manners.  Not one person even smiled at her.  When my turn came I smiled and said hello.  Her faced literally brightened.  Today there was an article on the internet about a dad who was eating breakfast  with his son at Cracker Barrel. An older couple were staring at him and smiling at him and his son.  He had no idea what was going on but when he left and went to his car there was a note telling him to keep up the good parenting and left him money to cover his breakfast.  What a lovely way to say thank you.  The dad said he would definitely pay it forward.  It’s only two words but children are taught at an early age and we continue to pass it along that we should all have good manners and be considerate of others.  Unfortunately, everyone is so busy with their lives, their problems and whatever may be lacking in their lives that they don’t take the every thirty seconds just to be polite, treat others kindly or hold a door for a person with that person replying a thank you.  Over the past two years, numerous people have written and commented on these blogs and said thank you.  That is one of the main reasons I continue to blog!  I would also like to say thank you to the individuals who have taken the time to purchase “Misplaced Trust.”  All books available on Kindle.  “Misplaced Trust” is also available on Apple I-Book, Nook, 24 Symbols and several other quality e-book websites.