Ericabilitybad attitudeAlmost every day, most people wake up with the right attitude. They feel good about themselves and their day. They look forward to their life. There are, however, people who wake up who do not have the right attitude. They anticipate that they will have a bad day and they probably will. The expect everything to go wrong and again, it probably will. A friend of mine, a musician, Eric Keyes, from Texas, firmly believes that the right attitude will bring you success.  He is right in his thoughts.  How often have you dealt with customer service in any industry and they don’t seem to have the right attitude towards you.  In reality, you, the customer, by purchasing the company’s product, are the sale that helps provide their salary.  Yet, they don’t seem to see it that way. Often, they do not have the right attitude and tend to make you aware of it.  It truly gives the company a bad name and assures the owner or stock holders, that you will never buy from them again.  The image a company presents is important.  It is the one thing that encourages return sales.  For example, if a person has a medical office, or a service company, it is important that the individuals answering the phone, (receptionist) have the right attitude.  If he or she doesn’t the customer will not make a purchase or have their plumbing repaired by someone else for example.  Competition is fierce everywhere and the  initial introduction to a company should always be a person who is positive, pleasant, upbeat and has the right attitude.  Otherwise, over time, the sales will shrink and if the owner or manager doesn’t figure it out, everyone will be out of a job. The right attitude also helps when you are tackling a project and working with an uncooperative person.  Holding it together to complete the task can occasionally be overwhelming.  However, once it is finished the odds are you can request a different partner for future projects.  There are people who do not get married with the right attitude.  Many individuals have preconceived ideas from their family, movies and TV.  If a couple starts out thinking everything will be perfect and when it isn’t they should divorce, then they do not have the right attitude.  If both people don’t compromise and work together, then their marriage is doomed.  In the Good Gus Series, the citizens of Pecos have the right attitude.  They believe in helping one another and the stories illustrate that to the young reader.  Good lessons without lectures.  The Money Manager at can give you the right attitude towards your finances.