cell phone old styleeaves dropping womanMany individuals are thoughtless in their words and actions. I am not talking about cutting in line at the bank, post, grocery or even the licensing bureau.  It’s the little things that people do everyday to show how thoughtless and selfish they really are.  Everyone knows about the family member who will leave a drop of milk  in the carton rather than finish it and toss it in the bin.  It’s not only thoughtless, it is lazy.  It happens so often with food in the refrigerator as they can’t be bothered to either clean up, or take out a new item.  There are also the individuals who share a household and tie up the laundry so that the rest of the family members or roommates end up doing their laundry at midnight.  That is then followed by complaints as they made too much noise.  When I was young I was stuck with a really awful roommate.  She would leave early for ice skating while I was still asleep.  My room was not only adjacent to the laundry but also the garage.  For an inexplicable reason, she would go in and out of the garage several times before finally leaving.  She would let the door slam each time.  She went beyond thoughtless to downright rude.  She had absolutely no consideration for anyone else.  There are also thoughtless individuals in the workplace.  They may do things such as use an individual’s desk and leave a mess, eat another person’s lunch or snack, drink the last cup of coffee from the coffee maker and not make a new pot and just about any other thoughtless thing you can think of.  I imagine if my viewers wrote in, they would have a number of inconsiderate acts that their workmates have performed. There is also the co-worker or boss who is always late or worse demands that a person be on time for a meeting and then makes that individual wait until they are ready. You may not think it rude or even thoughtless, but have you ever tried to have a conversation with a person who is so engrossed with their phone, that they are only half listening?  There is also the individual who is on the phone and a second person is listening to the conversation and making comments.  It is thoughtless, rude, and extremely bad manners.  The Good Gus Series does not contain any thoughtless words or deeds.  The citizens look out for one another.  When you find it unbearable that the beneficiaries of the will or trust you are handling are inconsiderate and thoughtless, take a breath and read “Misplaced Trust.”  Now available on Kindle, Apple I-Books, Nook and several other e-book sites.