womanchild prodigy Everyone has wandering thoughts. They can easily occur when you are sitting at a very boring meeting, listening to a lecture or even in church.  Whenever it happens, it lets your mind drift off.  It is similar to day dreaming as occasionally your thoughts are about your hopes and dreams for the future.  In the movie, “Uncle Buck,” the principal of the school disliked wandering thoughts and day dreaming.  She thought it was ridiculous for a five year old.  Needless to say, Uncle Buck set her straight.  Individuals of that ilk should not be in the school system.  The purpose of school is to help children learn and explore new ideas.  Eventually, their day dreaming become their desires and possibly career choices.  As children, many of us were told to stop having wandering thoughts or day dreaming and focus.  Many wonderful inventions, cures of medical conditions, and even peace resolutions came about because someone took the time to let their thoughts wander and come up with a new approach or idea.  It is important for everyone regardless of age to continue to have hopes and dreams.  Often older people are criticized for still having hopes and dreams.  Just because their age is in the upper bracket doesn’t mean that they stopped living or having feelings.  Many of the older actors today continue to land roles in movies and television shows simply because they want to continue to live their dream.  It is obviously also because they want the money.   Look at Col Sanders.  He was sixty-two when he sold his first franchise in Utah.  Young adults have no concept that their parents or even their grandparents could still want something that life hasn’t given them yet.  In the workplace, people often day dream or have wandering thoughts.  It usually occurs during a long discussion or a managerial session.  You just can’t help it.  Often they are dull and the end result is that they want more effort in less time for no increase in pay.  All the children and many of the adults in the Good Gus Series had wandering thoughts and were day dreamers.  It was an era where everyone needed to be inventive and solve many of life’s everyday problems without electronics.  If you are having wandering thoughts about quitting as the executor or executrix of a will, or the trustee of an estate plan, remember the person who placed you in this role had absolute faith and trust in you.  When you need a break visit maecharlesbooks.com and read “Misplaced Trust.” (books available on Kindle)