tiredself-pity-clipart-self-pity2-300x241At one time or another we are all worn out.  It happens to everyone  occasionally.  Sure, the boring tedious work day starts with the drive or public transportation just to get to work.  Rather than sit in a vehicle or on a bus or train wishing they were anywhere else, many people listen or read books.  It passes the time quickly and makes the commute more enjoyable.  They look forward to reading each day and discovering new things rather than just sit and let their tensions build up from the lack of activity, crowded roads, and possibly noisy rude people.  If we allow ourselves to become worn out, we begin to lose perspective on just about everything.  Often people are so weary that they don’t think straight, sleep poorly, and their eating habits are less than desirable.  Allowing all the stresses of the day, whether at work, on the road or at home, sends a message to the brain that you are just too tired.  If you ever speak to someone who seems to be always worn out and too tired, you begin to wonder what is really wrong.  Often, that person may be dealing with so much stress that they are breaking down not only mentally, but physically as well.  Even if they took a few days and did nothing but rest, it wouldn’t solve whatever their problem is and they would still remain worn out.  How do they come out of it?  Some people never do.  They become adjusted to feeling that way and give up hope.  They do not expect anything to improve and therefore, there is no point to even trying.  Weary people are negative.  They end up with little or no friends and their family dreads their visits.  Somewhere along the way, they also begin to feel sorry for themselves.  Sure there are many people in dire straights, yet they don’t give up.  They persevere and move forward in the hopes that at some point all the negativity that is occurring in their life will stop and brighter days will engulf them and leave the worn out tired feelings behind.  In the Good Gus series no one felt worn out.  They didn’t have time to think about such matters as their survival was always upper most in their thoughts.  Each day I mention “Misplaced Trust.”  The book is about what happens after individuals pass and what really goes on behind the scene.  The stories involve greedy relatives, despicable acts and shocking behavior.  It is available at maecharlesbooks.com, Kindle, Nook, 24 Symbol, Apple I-Books, and several other e-book websites.