elvis with mic Wherever you go around the globe, Elvis is imitated.  Even the “Liv and Maddie” show on Disney has a character who does a good job of Elvis as well. Las Vegas has several Elvis acts and they are still popular today.  There are also diva shows that imitate famous celebrities. One Christmas in Las Vegas, at least eight men dressed as Santa Claus, but Elvis style, jumped out of a plane to start the season off.  On the ground, the songs being played were all Elvis tunes including his Christmas song.  There is an old saying, “Many are imitated, but few are duplicated.”  It is true.  The fashion shows in various countries are imitated by the clothing manufacturers around the globe.  Then the outfits are placed in retail shops for the average person who wants to dress as close to designer clothes as possible without the high price.  Adults are imitated by children.  That is why they have to be careful in our actions and vocabulary.  Children copy what we say and what we do.  Being imitated is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery.  However, there are individuals who feel threatened.  I am not sure if they want to stand out, look unique, or in the case of celebrities they don’t want any other woman wearing the same dress on the red carpet.  It occurs and it isn’t really stated how the ladies feel.  If you think about it the frozen food section of the grocery offers foods that are imitated.  The dinners are supposed to taste like homemade, but they never do.  Chefs are often imitated.  Occasionally, an individual will make a recipe better than a chef, particularly on the cooking shows or in a contest.  However, the average chef has spent a great deal of time perfecting his or her craft and even though it may be imitated, it is rarely duplicated. In the Good Gus Series, adults are imitated by the children with interesting results and exciting adventures.  If the heirs in a will or trust are imitating rude and nasty characters as seen on TV, ignore them and read “Misplaced Trust” at maecharlesbooks.com. Both books available on Kindle)