parentcriticize There was an article on the internet about a woman meddling into another woman’s parenting. She somehow felt she had the right to criticize a woman, Kelly Dirkes,  carrying her baby in a sling at a discount department store, Target, in the United States.  Her meddling remark was, “Spoil that baby.”  Really, what business of hers was it to even comment.  What makes her think that she has the right to criticize or as the popular term, ‘parent shaming’ this lovely young mother.  The woman didn’t say a word, but quietly kissed her baby’s forehead and walked away.  The meddling attitude of this woman must have bothered her as she wrote an open letter to the busy body.  Basically, she phrased her article, “If you Only Knew.”  The reality was that sweet little baby was adopted by her when she was nine moths old.  She had stopped crying in the orphanage as no one came to answer her pleas.  When the new mum first picked up her child, no one had ever cradled her that way before.  The mum felt the child had fleeting moment of sheer terror and serenity combined.  She further said that now the baby cries because she knows she will be cradled and loved instantly.  She awakes happy and even sings.  This meddling woman had no idea the trauma this little infant endured the first nine months of her life.  The mum said she felt it was a privilege to carry her baby as long as possible to make her feel safe.  It will take years to undue the damage for this sweet baby, but this mum is committed to turning her baby’s life into joy and growing as a person.  Meddling people used to only include neighbors and, of course, mothers-in-laws.  Those people still exist but lately, primarily in the United States, individuals feel that they not only have the right, but assume that their meddling attitude should be accepted and possibly appreciated.  What if everyone who was meddling in other people’s lives stopped and looked at their own lives?  The data would probably be quite fascinating.  They may be the people who were terrible parents, didn’t give their children the love and affection they deserved and needed when they were young and now have nothing in their lives except meddling into other people’s affairs.  What on earth could possibly make them believe that their opinions are wanted, needed or even valued?  In the Good Gus Series, all the citizens watched out for each other but not in a meddling way.  If the heirs of a trust or will are meddling into your efforts to do a good job, tell them to mind their own business, visit, and read “Misplaced Trust.”  They may have a better understanding of your time and effort to administer the loved one’s estate.