judge-10036284father_amp_son_ultimo_and_czar_203169rob lowewilliamfredIt’s the little things that bothers everyone every day.  It could range from spilling coffee on your clothes right before you are to leave for work, dinner or an event, to a nasty driver cutting you and almost hitting your vehicle.  If something sets you off, then if you are not careful, the rest of your day will go badly as well.  At one time, I had two Doberman Pinchers.  The kindest most loving dogs I ever owned. The puppy, even though full grown, would love to jump on me.  Everyday on my lunch break, I would drive home to let him and his mother out for a quick run while I ate my lunch.  One day, after a heavy rain, right after I let them in, the puppy jumped on me.  My outfit was yellow and it looked just lovely covered in mud dog prints!  I quickly had to change, call my boss to tell him I would be late, and then return to work.  It took a few days to teach him not to jump on me.  If I let this little thing bother me, the rest of my day would have been ruined.  There was just no point.  It was actually funny when you think about it.  Letting a rude nasty driver affect you and your day is another one of the little things.  However, after you calm down, it is better to realize that the driver’s day is shot, but not yours.  There is a show in the United States entitled “The Grinder.”  It stars Rob Lowe, William DeVane, and Fred Savage. The casting company did an excellent job with the cast as they perform their parts beautifully.  Rob and Fred are the sons of William and the dad has his own law firm.  Rob is not a lawyer but a TV star.   The boys were trying a case and Rob, as the Grinder, is always bringing into conversations, the little things.  In the season finale, the dad was on trial for not doing a thorough job for a specific client.  Fred was seen on tape snooping in the former client’s apartment.  The dad couldn’t be his own counsel, so they received permission for the Grinder to defend him.  The case was going very badly when Fred discovered a recording that would blow the case wide open.  Once again, it was the little things that turned the case around.  In the end, the family won.  If the little things get you down, let them go.  It is easier that being upset or angry all throughout your day and ruining what might have been a wonderful day.  In the Good Gus Series, the little things often turn into big things.  Many of the stories are very exciting because of the events.  If the little things are bothering you while administering a trust or a will, visit maecharlesbooks.com and peruse “Misplaced Trust.”  It may be exactly what you need to cheer you up.