Many questions can be answered with either a yes or no. When you ask a person a question, the longer they talk the more they avoid the answer.  When you are listening to continual verbiage, you know not only they will not answer what you asked but they will circumvent whatever you asked.  Even if it is through a text, they can speak paragraphs without really saying anything.  The narcissist is really good at not answering and coming up with a variety of lies.  Their only problem is that they cannot always keep their lies straight. It is really true in life about almost anything.  For example, an employee decides to ask for a raise. They are entitled to one as they have worked quite hard and their performance reports state that they are doing an excellent job, always on time and stay late to finish projects.  The boss can easily say yes or not to his question.  Instead, he receives the basic run a round and his question is never answered.  He then walks away wondering what had just happened.  I have seen this in movies, court, the workplace, and even with family members.  You repeatedly ask the same question but never even receive a yes or no answer.  If we start now teaching our children to be truthful the world would be a better place.  In the Good Gus series, particularly in book four, “Johnny the Cat and Bronco Ride that Bull,” the boys skip off to see the rodeo and don’t even answer either their mother or father.  The point of that story was they were disobeying their parents and there were consequences.  The series is available online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones. Getting a yes or no answer by the characters in “Misplaced Trust” is close to impossible.  The book is online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Lately the storylines on YouTube revolve around marriage. The majority are about husbands’ cheating, getting rid of their wives, insulting them, and even throwing them out with nothing.  I don’t know who the writers are but they are quite emphatic about cruelty and unfairness of men towards women. What I really don’t understand is why men marry when they are going to cheat.  Is it for extra income, a free maid? For example, there are stories about men who cheat and then decide they prefer the girlfriend or mistress over the wife so they throw her and possible children out so the new woman can move in. Then there was the story about a man who moved his mistress in and made his wife the maid.  Most of the women are pushed so far down, that at first they have no idea what to do.  Then, they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and in the end are extremely successful. I particularly love the stories where the man   was actually supported by the wife and took all of her money.  Once he gets rid of her, and of course, not realizing it was her efforts and her money that made him look rich to his girlfriend, he ends up with nothing.  Primarily, because the girlfriend was only with him for the money.  When he goes crawling back to his now ex-wife, asking for forgiveness and another chance, she lets him know in no uncertain terms, that she was the reason he was so successful and she is in the money now and has no intention of going backwards.  It’s almost a sweet revenge.  In the Good Gus series, there were some characters who were married, single or widowed.  The series is online and would be great reading in America for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  You can find it on Kindle, with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” had characters who married for money.  They didn’t always win in the end.  The book is online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.

Why are people so impatient lately? The lockdowns haven’t even started. It’s almost like they are using the virus as an excuse to be nasty.  Every time I turn around I see YouTube videos about bullies and the revenge wreaked upon them. Then there are the motorcycle groups who decide to go after individuals including families.  Just because things are difficult, it doesn’t give anyone the right to harm another person.  There are also the people seeking revenge.  I think they are the worst.  A person may decide that they have been wronged. They will then seek revenge.  Often they are so impatient that they don’t plan out their tactics and end up getting caught.  I have seen a few videos of the getting even by ex-husbands to their ex-wives.  They claim a variety of falsehoods, are in collusion with government officials and the women have an expensive fight to gain custody of their children.  I saw a video today where a man decided to divorce his wife as she made him cake for his birthday.  It wasn’t exactly the cake, but it was his excuse.  He yelled at his wife and told her she had nothing and he was divorcing her for her sister.  He was also angry at her for quitting her job.  He never let her explain. The results were the best. The soon to be ex-wife told him that she knew he was having an affair with her sister.  She also said that the assets based on their prenup were separate. He gloated saying she would have nothing.  She surprised him and said that is true about the assets, but that she was not broke.  Her granny had left her a substantial inheritance and she was leaving to spend a few days at a luxury resort.  He had no words. He was so impatient to be with her sister that in the end he was the one who ended up with nothing. In the Good Gus series there are a few stories with impatient characters.  In, “Johnny the Cat and Bronco Ride that Bull,” the twin boys were in a hurry to see the first rodeo ever in the United States. Of course, they landed into a bit to trouble.  The series is online at Kindle with a few books on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” does have impatient characters which always leads to more trouble.  It is also online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.

  Dale Carnegie wrote a book entitled, “The Power of Positive Thinking.”  He was correct in that positive thinking does work.  If an event occurs, many people begin to start worrying.  Then they use the two words I despise, “What if?” Rather than focus on the negative, and saying what if, turn your thoughts around to positive thinking.  The thirteenth hurricane this year is heading for Central America as I write this blog.  There are people who are so riddled with anxiety that they will instantly start the what if thoughts rather than evacuate without being told, seal their homes as best as they can and go to a shelter or higher ground.  Right now with Covid running rampart again, people are hoarding, panic shopping and are frightened.  The power of positive thinking could work wonders.  Instead of the fear, start baking foods and freeze them so if there are shortages you are prepared.  Continue to buy necessary items so you aren’t wasting time and money trying to buy staple supplies.  There are many videos on YouTube that encourage positive thinking.  Many individuals  have become wealthy by selling positive thinking videos and programs.  Shifting your mind to think in a happier manner isn’t always easy.  We are programmed from birth that life is difficult and things will go wrong.  Of course  they will, but why dwell on it? For example, here is a story about two farmers.  Farmer one said to Farmer two, “I think we are finally going to receive rain.  This will be great for the crops.” Farmer two replies, “Oh sure, the ground will flood and I will lose half of my crop.” The conversation can continue but there is a prime example in changing your thinking.  In the Good Gus series, positive thinking was an underlying factor in all stories.  The children try things, sometimes getting into trouble, and other times becoming the hero of Pecos.  It is all in your perspective.  The series is online at Kindle, with a few copies on Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is a self help guide for an estate plan  to choose the right person as the successor trustee once you are no longer on the planet.  It is online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino. Rember, rather than give a check that you don’t know how it will be used, donate to Mae Charles Gift of Reading where you know a book will be given to a needy child.  

I introduced Katie, as a new character, in book twenty-two. Dr. Moore met her for the first time and discovered she was in a wheelchair.  When people look at a person in a wheelchair, they see someone who is confined.  However, if you cannot utilize your legs, you are confined to a bed or a chair.  You cannot move to do anything without help.  If you are in a wheelchair you have freedom.  In book twenty-two, “The Field Trip,” Katie and her wheelchair are brought to school in a buckboard.  Her brother, Andy, helps her along with Sheriff Gus, J.C. and Bronco.  When the other children see her, they are anxious to help.  In the beginning a few of the children stare, until Frankie speaks up and asks them why are they all staring at her wheelchair.  He proclaimed it was just another chair but with wheels.  By the time recess occurs, everyone wants to be Katie’s friend.  What they all fail to see is that by having the wheelchair she can attend school, go on school field trips, play, and participate in a variety of activities.  I even have one story where Katie plays games and the children modify them so she can participate.  If only the real world today, could live in the here and now and appreciate each other for who they are.  We all really need to take a step back and appreciate the fact that we can walk, are free to roam about and should be grateful for the positive things in our lives. The series is online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones.  I have only self-published up to book four and the first Christmas book.  I am currently working to start on book five, “Lightning Strikes Pecos.”  “Misplaced Trust” is also online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

All children in all families believe that their parents have a favorite child. Today I saw a video about a favorite child.  The dad was extremely proud of his son who had just won another game.  Add to the fact that the reports arrived, and he was an honor roll student.  The dad worked with him every night.  When the daughter asked for help he always said he was too busy.  The dad also practised sports with the son every evening but never the daughter. When her report card was revealed, she was failing.  He had planned to go out for ice cream to celebrate, but he told the daughter no ice cream for her and that she had to go to her room.  Once both children were out of the room, the wife explained to her husband that the son was his favorite child.  The dad, of course, denied it.  She went on to say that whenever the girl asked for help with her homework he was always too busy.  However, he was never too busy for the son, his favorite child.  She explained further that possibly if he had helped her all those times she had asked, her grades might be much better.  All of a sudden he realized that he was not doing right by her.  He proclaimed he was a bad father.  The wife said no, but that he needed to stop favoring the boy so much and start helping and spending time with the daughter. When he went up to his daughter’s room she was sitting on her bed crying.  He apologized and asked her to forgive him. He promised to help her with her homework and sports activities.  Then he suggested that the whole family go out for ice cream. Not all parents realize that sometimes they do have a favorite child.  There are two families in Pecos, in the Good Gus series with more than one child.  J.C. and Bronco, who are twins, and Katie, who is in a wheelchair and her brother Andy.  Katie does receive a great deal of attention, but Andy doesn’t mind.  Actually, all the children are eager to be her friend.  The series is online at Nook, Kindle and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” has characters who believe someone else was the favorite child and wreak havoc while settling an estate.  The book is online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

With the virus the fear of consequences is overwhelming to everyone.  Today, Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, told employers that they need to focus on employee relations during this time because if they didn’t be considerate to their employees, it could affect them for the next ten years or more.  He instilled in them the fear of consequences.  However, he failed to point out that many companies are barely  holding on and may not even have a future.  The owners have to make a choice if they are failing to pay the employees or leave other companies with their debt.  The fear of consequences frequently prevents people from committing crimes.  Often, a well thought out robbery, can fail because of last minute fear.  The same is true of a murder.  Although, in the all the movies, the culprit carefully plans their every move, including their alibi and making someone else appear to be guilty.  Even cheaters in school for exams, go through a great deal of effort to protect themselves because of fear of consequences.  That also includes partners who step outside of their relationship.  They always think that the other person will never know, but they eventually find out the truth.  The married person has the most to lose which makes them be extremely careful.  In the Good Gus series, the children rarely had fear of consequences as is evidenced in Book Four, “Johnny the Cat and Bronco Ride that Bull.” Jimmy Ray takes the chance of riding a bull because he is unafraid.  He did end up with consequences.  The series is online at Nook, Kindle, and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust”  had numerous characters who had absolutely no fear of consequences.  The book is available for all the cool rainy days online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.


  It seems that people are experiencing more anxiety.  The news and media are frightening everyone.  The first and foremost thing we should all do is be considerate of each other.  It’s not necessary to instill fear.  I receive fifteen to twenty emails a day telling me to buy things, and they are using scare tactics trying to convince me that I need all types of unnecessary products.  I received one yesterday saying that we all need guns.  People are experiencing more anxiety because of being at home all the time. No one can go to a public park and walk, a gym for exercises, an occasional meal at a restaurant or even make a purchase in a shop.  Families are becoming annoyed with each other and all the shows on the TV are repeats because no one is in production.  Anyone home for the first time has probably learned that there is really nothing on during the day.  As I said yesterday, reading is an ideal option.  It removes you for a short period from reality and you are focused on the plot.  Now might also be a good time to watch old family movies.  It’s a positive idea to bring us back to happier times.  Today, JC of the Good Gus series, visited a hospital that is trying to reinstate two floors.  He tests water and resolves issues with piping and the water so it can be purified and utilized.  He should solve the hospital’s issue within a week which would add more space for sick individuals.  In the Good Gus series, there were many events, but I never touched on any type of disease or condition. I did introduce Katie in book twenty-two, “The Field Trip,”  who is in a wheelchair.  I thought it was important that all children understand some of the difficulties other children experience.  The series is online at Kindle, Nook and Waterstones.  “Misplaced Trust” is also online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Your coworkers are the people you spend the most time with every day. They are the people who help you maintain an income and possibly increase your pay or assist directly or indirectly in any promotions for you.  Many comments may be well intended, but they may be cruel.  For example, a workmate may say any of the following:  “Gee I wish I could eat that many carbs? How lucky you are to eat take away. Are you really going to eat all that food?” It’s all rude and insulting.  Maybe they think they are doing you a favor, but they aren’t.  Their comments can also make you feel self-conscious.  How many times have you chosen to eat anywhere else except at your desk, the break room or even outside on a picnic table?  It’s an indirect way of bullying.  Studies have shown that children who have been bullied have depression, anxiety,  a poor image of themselves and possibly earn less than their peers.  It has always been my opinion that the kids that bullied in school just grew up and became adult bullies sometimes legally. Part of building an organization is teamwork.  Coworkers depend on each other to keep the company successful, their paychecks, and advancement.  So the next time you hear a person commenting in a negative way about a coworker, you might gently remind them that if they can’t say anything nice, to not say anything at all and just walk away.  The only businesses in Pecos that had coworkers were at Mary’s Cafe’, Ray’s Blacksmith shop,  Dr. Moore, Charlie’s Print shop and the ranches.  The Good Gus series is available online at Kindle and Waterstones.  Hard copies can be found at the UPS Store in Tierrasanta, California.  The start of the tour is slow, but people love my card and are thinking about stocking the books.  If the heat is getting you down, find a fan, grab your tablet and read “Misplaced Trust.”  It’s only a click away at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, Playster and Tolino.

Why is the answer to any malady prescriptions? The pharmaceutical companies are so large that they wield amazing influence.  I was recently in the hospital and the doctor said that he thought I might be in pain.  He offered me morphine.  I turned him down.  He argued with me and I said if it became worse I might consider it.  The reality was I would not.  It’s easy for a doctor to write prescriptions as they believe that is the cure all.  However, it isn’t.  It’s really important as to what a person eats, the amounts they consume, how much they exercise, and if they sleep well.  Often a simple change of diet, an increase or even a start of exercising might change how a person feels.  Many individuals use sleeping pills to sleep at night.  Rather than a pill, how about a walk before bed?  It would be relaxing and you might meet a neighbor or two and socialize.  The passing out of prescriptions should not be mandatory.  It’s clearly understandable if you have an infection, then you really need an antibiotic.  However, if you feel you have a problem, consider researching it first and find out what your options are.  There may be alternatives that would help you.  The other factor to consider is cost.  When it comes to medications, nothing is cheap.  In the Good Gus series the only doctor was Dr. Moore.  He, and Nurse Joyce, tended to the population of Pecos.  I never discussed any prescriptions in the stories.  If a character was injured such as Jimmy Ray, in book four, “Johnny the Cat and Bronco Ride that Bull, Dr. Moore and Nurse Joyce tended to his injuries but there was nothing about any medications. The weather has been pleasant lately, but the series is good bedtime reading.  Remember it’s available online at Kindle and Waterstones.  The hard copies are at the UPS Store in Tierrasanta, California.  Once the kids are asleep, please consider checking out “Misplaced Trust.”  It’ always available online at 24 Symbols, Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Page Foundry, Playster,  Scribd and Tolino.  Today is the real Jimmy Ray’s birthday!

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