insults signinsults  A backhanded insult are words that people use while trying to make it look like they weren’t offending you. There is barely a movie that exists where the backhanded insult is part of a story line. It seems that it can also be words that make it apparent that the individual saying them, is really jealous. Have you ever started a new job and realized that even if it is work you will enjoy, that your co-workers are free with the backhanded insult? For example, suppose you have a degree and are well rounded individual. You speak well and have been fortunate to live in and visit several countries around the world. Once your workmates realize it, their jealousy is exposed and so were the backhanded insults or remarks. There are people who have never left their home town or traveled  more than one hour away.  Certain individuals prefer it that way and others long to travel.  In today’s world, it is rare that an individual hasn’t flown on a plane or taken a trip on a train.  The backhanded insult occurs everywhere just about every day.  You could be standing in line for coffee, and a family member cuts in front to get a quick drink and the server will stop what they are doing.  The backhanded insult,  snide remarks and  innuendos fly.  Most of the people say it just loud enough for the family member to hear but not so that everyone else will hear it.  I have been in line at the bank when an individual has simply cut ahead.  If the tellers didn’t notice, I can’t be bothered with it.  Its rude behavior.  What is worse is that when they are speaking to the teller, if something isn’t exactly correct, the backhand insult coincidentally is heard by everyone.  It’s not necessary to make those types of remarks.  We were all taught manners as children, yet there are people who believe they are superior to everyone else and therefore are exempt. There have been times when I have heard a backhanded insult and rather than let it slide, I have asked the person if their mother would be proud of them behaving this way.  It has stopped them cold and managed to zip their mouths shut.  In the Good Gus Series there are no backhanded insults.  The characters speak properly which is a wonderful way for children to learn valuable lessons.  Valentine’s Day is five weeks away.  A book would be much nicer than candy followed by a trip to the dentist!