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We all have challenges in life. Sometimes they are major and other times minor. The minor challenges in life such as mastering a recipe, finishing a task, school work, household chores that are difficult, or even learning how to drive. In many countries, people never learn how to drive. Its not only that they feel that it may be difficult, but there is plenty of public transportation which makes driving unappealing. There are countries however, where if you can’t drive, you can’t go anywhere because there are no buses, trains, trolleys, or trams. There are ranches in West Texas that are so huge and out in the middle of nowhere that without a vehicle you’d be unable to manage the ranch or buy supplies. Anyone with a disability faces challenges every day. Things that we take for granted such as showering, cooking, going to the Post, or the doctors are all things that require a great deal of effort. I remember reading about a man who had lost both of his legs climbing to the summit of Mt. Everest.  This was a serious challenge but he wanted to raise money for artificial limbs. Often people complain about the challenges they face at work. It might be working with a disgruntled co-worker, a hard driving boss who expects perfection where it doesn’t exist, or even a family that fights and argues non stop.  People who have additional challenges, particularly alcohol face daily challenges.  Alcohol is an accepted, readily available legal substance that makes the alcoholic have difficulties until they can get it under control. Since alcohol is served for all occasions, a drug addict has to actually seek out their product of choice.  I remember readings in the 1980’s when cocaine was served at parties right along with alcohol.  That was an eye opener.  There are also the people trying to lose weight.  Their challenges surround them between their refrigerator, fast food, commercials advertising food, and cooking shows.  In the U.S. there are also billboards with pictures of food trying to entice individuals to go to their restaurant.  There are also programs advertised to lose weight by only buying set meals from companies claiming that if the dieter sticks to their program, the weight will melt off.  Very difficult with all the temptation readily available.  When I wrote the character Katie, in a wheel chair, I planned to make her have as few challenges as possible and have the freedom to be a girl with only minor limitations.