afraidwoman showing musclesI knowHaving self confidence is what generally helps people be successful both personally and financially. People who lack confidence are so unsure of themselves that they have difficulty making choices, performing well at their jobs and even making the right parental decisions. I have heard people who lack confidence be called wishy washy as they can’t seem to make up their minds. As we start out, for the most part, our family gives us confidence and applauds everything we do from saying our first word, to crawling, walking, riding a bike, starting school, and any of our other accomplishments. There are countless books about learning how to have self confidence along with videos, and people who make a living instructing on the lecture circuit. There are medical people who help to rebuild confidence in individuals who have none or have lost it. Sometimes I think its just a matter of believing in yourself which will give you the confidence you need to move forward in life.  If a person has had a really bad experience possibly even life altering their confidence will be shattered.  They need time to rebuild and believe again possibly in people and in life.  When I first started my blog I wasn’t sure how it would work out.  However, once I started receiving so many wonderful comments I knew I was going  in the right direction.  So much so, that I will have within one month with a second blog!  When anyone starts a new project, job, gets married or starts a family there can be a certain amount of lack of confidence.  We tend to be unsure until we just jump in and realize that we can do it.  I think if a person lacks confidence they should let their family and friends know so that they can assist them in turning it around to full confidence.  In the Good Gus Series everyone has confidence.  The children have a variety of adventures because they feel confident that they will succeed.  I have written a wonderful story, book thirty, “Katie’s Special Field Trip.”  It shows that even in the old west a child with disabilities can have confidence to try something new and exciting.  I hope you continue to consider one of the books as a gift for a child for the holidays.