day dreamingWe all love day dreaming. Its a wonderful past time. Day dreaming I believe is what some of the great inventors did to develop new ideas and new products. Without day dreaming, I am sure Edison would have never invented the telegraph, the Wright Brothers taken their first flight or even built a plane, and Henry Ford designing the automobile. When we were all young someone somewhere told us to stop day dreaming. I think everyone should day dream particularly children. It helps broaden their minds and imagination. There is a movie entitled, “Uncle Buck” in which Uncle Buck has to have a teacher conference. The teacher is complaining that his niece is a day dreamer. Needless to say, Uncle Buck was not pleased and gave the woman his thoughts. He did say that he didn’t want to know any child who wasn’t a day dreamer. I always loved that line. Anyone who has visited my website knows I am not young.  However, I do like day dreaming.  I also believe it gives  hope to both adults and children going through difficult times.  There is no official policy in Miss Patty’s class whether day dreaming is allowed.  Its assumed that it is.  If I didn’t day dream I never would have come up up all the stories.  I hope as the weather gets worse, and you are perusing the internet, that a book from the Good Gus Series, will be just what you are looking for as a special gift for the child or children in your life. You may also consider buying a few books and donating them to a local charity.  Its a small welcome gift that any child would love.