donald trumpNicholas Cagedirty laundryYesterday, Nicholas Cage said, “Dirty laundry sells.” No truer words have been spoken. If you just read the internet even in passing, its all about someone’s life and what is happening primarily negative. The gossip magazines do go out of their way to make sales on the problems of others. What is sad is that if anyone famous does anything in life that could be construed as injurious, they are exposed. There was an article about the Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck split again. This time it was a nanny looking for her fifteen minutes of fame. Obviously, she made money selling her story, be it true or false, to the highest bidder. With a new presidential election approaching in the United States, it will be a field day for paparazzi, any and all gossip magazines, and even general news. If there is a way to make money, their dirty laundry will be sold to the highest bidder. The behavior of Donald Trump is giving the press a wonderful new target. If they can dig up anything on him, his dirty laundry will be sold for amazing sums of money. All the candidates are thoroughly investigated to see what can be printed to tear them down. These people may have worked their whole lives, performed valuable services and yet now because they are running for office, the hunt is on to expose their dirty laundry. Its almost like a daily soap opera with a sprinkling of as much intrigue as available. How would you feel if you knew that you made your living on the sale of possibly destroying peoples lives, their families, their jobs, careers and even their futures? I don’t think I could look at myself in the mirror doing that type of work.  I am guessing there is a lack of conscience.  As you read about American politics, the break-ups of famous people, and anything else that can be construed as detrimental, I hope you will consider your perspective as opposed to the author of the articles.  I kept all politics out of the Good Gus Series.  I figured that children were exposed to enough, why add to it.