scandalsSad-Bullying-Stories-150x120558626_667068753304684_1245846486_n Many people feel like they don’t belong anywhere. They may appear to fit in with wherever they work or live yet somehow they feel as if they don’t belong. Often individuals join groups, a new church, change jobs or even move to a new area to feel like they are part of something. There are people who will join a political party, demonstration, an athletic team just to feel they belong somewhere to something. It’s sad in a way, as whomever tries to fit in are lacking in self confidence and self esteem. If a person feels that they don’t belong, particularly after they have made numerous changes to their life, they need to figure out why they feel that way. In the movie “Crocodile Dundee,” Mick didn’t understand why people visited with psychologists or were in therapy. He felt that their “mates” or friends would be the people to talk to and discuss whatever their issue might be. Friends could be a guide to help a person feel like they fit in rather than don’t belong. There are people who feel at home anywhere and others who need to live by the sea, be in the desert, live as far away from water as possible, be in a specific type of climate whether dry or humid, and finally others who need to be living a city near all conveniences. There are shows on the TV centered around locations in the United States where people feel right at home and think anyone who hasn’t live in a particular area their entire life simply don’t belong. In schools and colleges, there are groups who are so self centered that anyone who might want to join, they go out of their way to make sure that individual feels like they don’t belong.  It’s really a form of bullying.  It also happens in the workplace when a new person is hired.  At first, the other co-workers seem to like the new individual.  However, if they have lived an interesting life, travel whenever possible, and do a variety of activities, many of the workmates shun them rather than feel inferior to them.  They go out of their way to make sure the new person feels like they don’t belong.  Often when that occurs, the individual requests another department or a transfer to another location.  If it is still unpleasant, they quietly look for another job and once hired, give notice. There are people still today, in various locations around the world, that do not like new comers and consider them  outsiders.  I met a couple in Italy that had moved to the southern part of the country.  They moved back after only one year as the towns folks made them fell unwelcome and made sure they understood that they did not belong in that area.  When Nurse Joyce moved to Pecos, the entire town made sure she felt welcome.  There were no feelings of being uncomfortable in a new country, at a new job, in a new city.  Please check out “Pecos Meets Bad Bart” on kindle along with “Misplaced Trust.”  If you are wondering about “Misplaced Trust” it is a compilation of my experiences as a Paralegal  and  why it is so important to have a Trust and/or a Will in place.  Some of the stories may surprise you!