dream commentdreams“Dreams were made to be broken” is an old saying. I disagree because I think dreams should be fulfilled. Almost everyone has hopes and dreams. Even older people still hold out hope for their wishes. When people have dreams, even if another person disagrees with the other person’ dreams, they should be encouraged. All young children and adults have dreams. It can be to attend a college such as Harvard or Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berkley, or the University of Hawaii. It gives the person hope and a goal to achieve. Even if they don’t attain their initial dreams, they will probably end up at an excellent college and still achieve their goal of a good education. Then they can start new dreams.  There are wonderful dreams that people have that they do their best to make come true.  Young married couples have dreams of a happy life together, a home of their own, a family, and sometimes even travel and fabulous careers.  Almost everyone starts out with hopes and dreams.  Their dreams often are include living in a location of their wishes, a wonderful job or start their own business, travel, and good friends.  Some people cannot understand the dreams of a person who wants to own their own business.  Sure there is the idea for the business, followed by the raising of capital, developing the business plan and then actually opening their doors which could mean their website and attracting customers.  It is a great deal of work, but if that is a person’s dream they should go for it.  Many people like the security of a job.  However, sometimes the job goes away and they have to readjust their dreams.  Parents have dreams for their children.  They want them to be happy and healthy.  After the first two, they then hope for all of their child or children’s dreams to come true.  In the Disney movies the main character’s dreams always come true.  Of course, the old movies were primarily about the princess meeting the prince or king and him making her dreams come true.  I chose the sign above because it’s true.  I have known people whose dreams have been killed by parents, a friend, a teacher,  or a well meaning person who thought they were doing the right thing by destroying a person’s dreams.  A friend of mine’s daughter is extremely talented as a water color artist.  When the girl was in school, her art teacher told her that her work should on be in a locked closet where no one would ever see it.  Fortunately, my friend and her husband encouraged her talent. She landed a scholarship to the Pratt Institute and completed her degree last year.  She recently developed her own website, www.carlylarsson.com.  She has designed and has available scarves with her original paintings.  She recently sent a picture to her former art teacher with a shot of one of her scarves hanging in a closet. She said, ” Mr. ____, yes my art should hang in a closet and now they will hang in closets around the globe.” She didn’t listen to his negativity and is rapidly becoming a well known artist in New York.  In the Good Gus Series, no dreams are ever destroyed.  In a few of the stories, dreams are developed and turned into reality.  Its a great series to give children the chance to believe in themselves along with their hopes and dreams.