exaggerateDo you know anyone who tends to exaggerate? Children exaggerate frequently. Sometimes they exaggerate to impress their friends by saying their mum or dad can do something spectacular, or they were a hero during a war, or they have all kinds of fancy toys and their parents are very wealthy. Some children exaggerate because they are ashamed of their family, their environment or even their lifestyle. Others exaggerate if they are in a situation that they need to out do the other children to prove they are the best. As parents, how many times have you heard yourself say, “I told you a million times to stop that.” As we mature, the exaggeration decreases and for some is non existent. I know that many people work with individuals who exaggerate. They may exaggerate about their social life, their relationships, what type of home they own, friends and even their skills. It is difficult for the workmates when an exaggerator expounds on his or work skills and they turn out to be false. Then, when they are caught, they place the blame on another employee to keep from being terminated. As people mature it is unrealistic to exaggerate in the workplace.  I know that sales people use that technique to close deals.  If they are careful, without really lying, they can do well and make a good living.  However, can you believe for example a used car sales person that will tell you that the car you are considering to purchase will never need repairs, gets more miles/kilometers than the manufacturer’s suggestion, or that it has an unlimited warranty?  That is taking exaggeration too far.  On the social aspect of exaggeration, I think people who practice it almost daily, can not only be annoying but how can you tell  what is true and what is not?  People have injured themselves attempting a variety of feats by exaggeration of their abilities.  There have been individuals who have become permanently paralyzed, and even died because they exaggerated about their talents.  Its a touchy subject for many I am sure. When we exaggerate telling our children or special someone how much we love them, then that is a good thing.