potential sportsoffensive footballbaseball    10000  Once again the topic of fair play in sports is on the internet. Once again it is about the New England Patriots. They will not be going to the Superbowl. There are theories which amount to whether a call was a fair play, or a conspiracy to make sure the Patriots didn’t make it to the Superbowl. Over the years there have been countless calls by umpires that were not considered to be correct. One time when my son was playing T-Ball, there were no dads available and I had to umpire first base. I really didn’t want to, but I was the mother always at practice and all the games. The coach knew me and figured I understood baseball rules. Well, actually I didn’t. However, when my son decided to play T-Ball I began a study of baseball and watching games so I could understand it better. As it turns out, there were no really safe or out calls. Frankly, I would have hated to call any child out. The children give it their all and you don’t want them to feel disappointed at such an early age. It is important that they learn good sportsmanship as it is a lesson they carry with them throughout life.  There are people in life who do not believe in fair play.  It sound ludicrous, but it is true.  You have probably met a few who feel that way.  In business, fair play is important but not always followed.  Often, people are cut throat to obtain new clients, steal another person’s or company’s accounts, and embezzle funds as they believe the company and/or owner were not fair.  The old saying “Turn About is Fair Play” is a British and/or Irish saying.  It basically means that if you feel you have been wronged that you can retaliate and possibly use the same dirty tricks that were applied to you.  Do you consider that to be fair play?  In the Good Gus Series, fair play is an underlying theme and a good lesson for the readers.Remember maecharlesbooks.com offers adult reading, “Misiplaced Trust.”