giving upgive up wordsgive up flowers Many people get frustrated with life, work, family and career or job and simply give up. One should never give up unless there is absolutely no hope at all. Often individuals are diagnosed with a terminal illness. There are people who will try anything rather than give up. Then there are those individuals who just give up and wait to die. Having read a variety of biographies about famous people, there are several that come to mind. One is the mother of Joel Osteen. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer many years ago. She decided not to give up but to fight it. She is still alive today. Sadly, though, there are people who fight and lose the battle. Its the same with addictions. There was a girl I read about who was attending a college in Chattanooga, TN. She was addicted to drugs but she kept trying to break her habit. Sadly, a young fellow came along and convinced her to do it one more time and she overdosed. The article stated that the police suspected foul play. The man clearly shouldn’t have interfered in her life. She had not lost hope or given up. There are times in life and people I have met who have given up, particularly in the workplace. They have worked hard, tried their very best, but have been in a standstill at their jobs with no chance of advancement. They have applied to other positions within the company and outside of the firm, and yet still no offers. They truly give up and expect to either remain at the company until retirement or at some point be let go because of their age. Years ago the laws were different and people were dismissed as they matured. Rather than appreciate good quality work and knowledge, they were made redundant and replaced by young, less qualified, cheaper candidates. When I worked in the temporary engineering field as a recruiter, I specialized in anyone over forty. I did very well and the individuals were grateful to work in their profession as opposed to a lower position at reduced pay.  There are times when children give up when they find a task too difficult.  Those are the moments when we teach them to pursue until they succeed.  If they start life giving up, they will not succeed as a person or in employment.  Only nineteen days left to place your order for the Good Gus series books.  The will be available within a few days with my new book, “Misplaced Trust.”