ScoutsscoutsThe Boys Scouts have a few mottoes, but one of the important ones is to always try to do a good deed. Its something that everyone should practice. Doing a good deed should be a way of life for us all. When you do a good deed not only do you feel better, but so does the other person. Its very simple. When I walked into a store with my granddaughter in her carriage, I had a difficult time entering the store because it was so small. When I was about to exits, however, a very nice man jumped up from his seat to assist me. Giving your seat up to an older person on the bus, trolley or subway is another good deed. I saw an old show that was about doing a good deed. It involved a group of boys interested in the space program. They called themselves the “Explorers” and were really interested in the stars, the planets, and exploration. They even had uniforms. They decided they would like to have a telescope to see the constellations and began raising money. During one of their fund raising activities, one of the boys’ mother asked him to drop off some homemade food to a senior citizen. The senior was grateful and talked to the boy about his aspirations. The boy told him about the club. The man urged him to see as much of the world as possible. He then discussed his life’s desire to see Washington, D.C. This really made the boy think. The ending showed the man going away on a trip to Washington, D.C. and thanking all the boys. When the boys returned to their meeting room, there sitting in the middle was a very large telescope with a thank you from all their fathers. Now that was a really good deed. I know I have mentioned this in previous blogs, but if anyone would like to do a good deed, little Angel Malone still needs help through Go Fund Me.  Time is slipping by for all that Christmas shopping.  I hope as you think about a good deed you will choose a book from the Good Gus Series where good deeds are a way of life.