arrow-pointing-two-directions-400x400Indecision affects not only yourself but others as well. When you are indecisive, it can affect your life in numerous ways. For example, if you are in a quandary about applying for a position or a promotion, your indecision could make you lose both. Sometimes waiting is the answer, but in many cases indecision ends up changing things and most of the time for the worse. If you are driving and at an intersection, your indecision about moving forward or waiting could cause an accident not only for you but for someone else as well. I have seen people stop for no reason in both good weather and bad. I assumed it was because they were indecisive as to which way to go. I have also seen accidents happen, again in good weather and bad due to a person’s indecision. When you are trying to choose an appropriate way to discipline children, the longer you delay and let indecision get in the way, the less effective your lesson with be.  When faced with indecision, look at your choices.  Write them down if need be, analyze the options, then go for it. So don’t let indecision stand in your way of choosing a Good Gus Series book as a Christmas gift for the special child or children in your life.