falsely accusedguiltjudge-10036284How often have you heard people say, “there is no justice in this world?” It’s possible that you have heard there is no justice for a variety of reasons. Obviously, within the legal system, a person found guilty, an individual who lost a civil lawsuit, or a group fighting for justice to save a tree or a park from destruction might say those very words.  Joni Mitchel wrote a song, “They saved Paradise to put up a Parking Lot.” When a tree or park was going to be torn down, neighborhoods would join together to protest the city’s actions. Often, they would attract publicity of local newspapers and television stations. The protests would then force the hands of the officials to preserve the areas and justice would be served. There are groups in the United States that seek justice for individuals incarcerated wrongfully.  In both movies and television shows, you constantly see characters who claim they were railroaded and want justice.  Often, many are guilty as the shows portray.  However, many years ago, before DNA sampling and sophisticated electronic equipment, innocent people were sent to jail.  It is a wonderful program that helps free individuals who are not guilty of a crime they are in prison for.  Many of the individuals who participate in these groups are volunteers and/or law students.  They are certainly learning about the justice system.  There are people who get angry at the motor vehicle departments and complain that they are treated unfairly.  I know of an individual who was wrongly accused of cheating on a written drive test.  Her husband, who happened to be with her at the time, did not let this atrocity go unnoticed.  He immediately filed a complaint and demanded proof that she cheated.  When the staff refused to show him the video of the testing room proving her innocence, he demanded justice.  He received it, too.  She was allowed to retake the test at no charge and no wait in the long lines.  Before accusing a person of anything, people should be sure they have accurate data.  There are many families that hold their own family courts.  If a child is accused of something, they have a meeting to discuss it.  If the child loses, then a punishment is dispensed.  I am sure that those children feel that justice was indeed not served! In the Good Gus Series, Judge Ross was the only judge for the area.  He rarely held court as the citizens in and around Pecos were law abiding.  In “Misplaced Trust” at maecharlesbooks.com, when you read the book you can let me know if you feel people were treated fairly and on the occasions when the legal issues were described, if you feel justice was served.