working girlteamworkEveryone believes for the most part that they maximize their potential. In the workplace, it is not always easy. The manager or boss can see that a person does an excellent job, yet they don’t encourage them. They may say to their superiors that an individual is the ideal employee, but if they don’t tell the employee, how will they know. Managers need to maximize potential of key employees. They shouldn’t be afraid that they might overtake them and end up promoted to a better position that they feel should have been theirs instead. For the most part, many people feel that they are overworked and underpaid. They also don’t feel appreciated. If managers and/or bosses took the time to get to know their employees, their strengths and weaknesses, they could maximize potential of those individuals. It would not only make them look good to their boss or manager, but the employee would be happier in their job and stay longer. There are managers, supervisors or bosses who promise advancement, increases in pay, and additional time off if the person will complete a specific project, work on a difficult program or task, or take their place at a meeting or on a trip. Then when the individual lives up to what the manager asked, the supervisor or boss doesn’t keep his or her word. How many movies have you seen about the hard working individual doing his or her best, following every rule and obliging their boss or manager for extra work only to have them by passed for promotion, not receive the increase in salary, and continue to be the patsy for the boss. The movie “Working Girl” gave that as an example. The ladies were lied to and rather than accept it they did something about it.  In the end, the boss who was a liar, womanizer, and never kept his word about anything, was transferred to an undesirable location.  We all tell our children to maximize their potential, but are we the best example?  Have you maximized your potential?  Are you working at a job or career that you really enjoy?  If you don’t it may be time for a change.  Think about what you really love doing and see if you can pursue it, even if it is only part time.  Many people have started businesses on a part time basis while working at a full time job only to realize their dreams and quit their job and start a new life.  Not only did it help them financially, but they are happy in their work.  They did maximize potential and achieved their goals.  In the Good Gus Series, everyone does their best to maximize potential of his or herself.  If you decide to start a business, the Money Manager also has a business Money Manager that would be ideal for a new start up.