ad for womenmisleading tv ads Misleading statements and words are still lies. The advertising industry places misleading ads frequently. Often people end up with a purchase that they thought was one one item but turned out to be either a lesser product or not even close to what was advertised. Everyone at one time or another has made a purchase on line and when they received the item it wasn’t even closed to the advert. I did that one time and when the box arrived, I knew something was wrong. I went back and reread the ad and still didn’t figure it out until I found the extremely small fine print. Of course, the product was returned. I have had three different incidents in the last two months in which I was told misleading statements which ended up costing me quite a bit of money and time. The first one was with a company that was to install a product on my truck. Not only was the installation bad, but they destroyed my Bosch battery thereby forcing me to buy a new battery. They had no business lying and doing the work as they were unqualified for the installation. This problem then led to a second problem with my truck which was also costly. The third incident involved an oil change. I had it changed in October and then at 3000 miles or 4828.032 Kilometers I had it changed again today. Not only did the company charge a high price for their services, but they didn’t add the correct amount of oil and put in the wrong oil filter. You can’t even say that their advert for this is misleading because it was their ethics that shorted the correct amount of oil in the engine. There are so many advertisements to cure baldness, remove wrinkles, lose weight, and so forth. Yet how many really work? How many of the ads really are misleading? It has become necessary to find the fine print, find the reviews of a product and look for any data that will advise you as to whether the product is worth purchasing.  All the miracle cures really aren’t.  They are misleading ads to entice you to buy.  Certainly, there are products that work to a certain extent but unless you have a great deal of money for a face lift, body lift, hair transplants, etc. the results you are hoping for won’t happen.  There is no misleading in the Good Gus Series.  Everyone of the books are ideal for adventurous reading for the child or children on your gift list.  All the books at the San Diego Miramar Marine Base have sold out.  There is still time, though for mail orders with my autograph to your favorite child.